bug with high performance

Started by Black_Ps, February 27, 2011, 10:06:38 PM

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If i have the laptop in Balanced power plan and i put Process Lasso to start high performance  plan and game mode for NFS for example after i turn off the game the game mode is for but the power plan will stay on high performance even in the log it says "28-02-2011 04:51:32.637,SERGIU-PC,Sergiu,nfs most wanted.exe,5948,Leaving High Performance power scheme,The PC is leaving the High Performance power scheme." i`m using version 4.00.33 using Windows 7 Service Pack 1 , x86 ( 32 bits )

Jeremy Collake

Thank you for reporting that. I will run some tests and report my findings. It is designed to revert to what it was previously. It could be somehow, something is confusing it in your case.

By chance do you have any other processes marked as High Performance? If so, of course it would stay High Performance if one of those is still running.

Also, I've now changed High Performance to 'Default Power Scheme', letting you select any power scheme, but that is in the current beta.
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