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Started by Pzsniper, April 27, 2017, 12:50:03 PM

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I have an Intel Core i920 on Windows 10 v1703 build 15063.250 and wanted to be sure i've setup all things fine for running BOINC 7.6.33 x64, here's the situation

C-state C3/C6 and C1E  in Bios ENABLED
Virtualization ENABLED
Speedstep  DISABLED
Hyper-Threading ENABLED

I wanted to be sure core parking works fine look at this screen

I also set rules on Process Lasso to NO restraints and affinity 4-7 for Boinc related processes

Is better leave Park Control Dynamic boost ON or OFF?
What's suggested Power Profile for my case?
When i keep Boinc off and want to play games can i disable core parking selecting Performance Mode?


Hi, your cores are parked in pic. There are a few ways to do this,
1) I would set all games as performance mode so they use BHP power plan (no parking).
2)Use Idlesaver if you want to change power plans when idle, that way you don't need Park control always running in back ground, once you set up each power plan how you like it.

BONIC you can set a app power plan to it so while it runs X power plan is used.

Processlasso is extremely flexible program.
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Disregard my last (deleted) post, I was looking at frequency scaling (haven't had my morning coffee ;p).

Everything looks good to me... I think it is a good configuration and setup. Be careful not to do over-do it with tweaking.

To disable core parking, use the core parking options instead of frequency scaling, but I am not sure that was your intent, as you seem to have a fine grasp of the product.

To answer your question (as Ed already did): Yes, core parking is working just fine. That is what those grayed out cores are.
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Thank you very much, everyone :) process lasso it's the must haves tool for every serious pc users.