[CPU: i7 3632QM] Core parking and Frequency Scaling quirks - break points

Started by maleko, May 04, 2017, 03:09:41 PM

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Hi guys,

I've been a long time park control user and just updated my install today with the newest x64 version from the main website and purchased a Pro Lifetime license while I was at it.
I was going through what's new and adjusting my settings to find out that the typical percentages for each of the 4 main values (Park AC, Park DC, Freq AC, Freq DC) do not appear to be linear or scaled properly (I'm not sure what to call it really).

For instance:
if I want to use 4 of 8 cores I can use any percentage between [00,56];
if I want to use 5 of 8 cores I can use any percentage between [57,68];
if I want to use 6 of 8 cores I can use any percentage between [69,81];
if I want to use 6 of 8 cores I can use any percentage between [82,93];
if I want to use 8 of 8 cores I can use any percentage between [94,100];

I have a similar set of data for the 12 power steps I managed to get my CPU to step through as well:
2.20 Ghz --> [100,100]
2.18 Ghz --> [96,99]
2.09 Ghz --> [91,95]
1.98 Ghz --> [87,90]
1.89 Ghz --> [82,86]
1.78 Ghz --> [78,81]
1.69 Ghz --> [73,77]
1.58 Ghz --> [69,72]
1.50 Ghz --> [64,68]
1.39 Ghz --> [60,63]
1.30 Ghz --> [55,59]
1.19 Ghz --> [00,54]

My issue, is that I had to sit here and tediously adjust by 1% (or very small) increments and hit apply each time to figure out where these steps occurred and write them all out in a table or list so I could visualize how much of an actual difference in stepping or scaling each tier was for that value on my machine just so I could properly setup my values in the application. I'm not sure if everyone even realizes its not giving them the assumed values, let alone take the time or have the knowledge to do this sort of 'calibration'.

Besides that, I love what this software does for my machine and the upgrade and Pro license were well worth the trouble of re-setting this up for my machine. To be honest, I'm not even sure if my old version was ever truly tuned properly now that I have realized this myself.

In addition, I have two other questions:

1.) Is it possible to go below 4 of 8 cores being active as a minimum?
2.) My lowest frequency scale step is 1.19 Ghz...

Is it possible to go even lower than that for my minimums? I'm not sure if there is a conflicting element trying to hold the CPU at 1.19 Ghz when it should be able to go lower, or if it's a hardware/software limitation or control implemented by Windows, Intel, or otherwise intended to maintain system stability.

Looking forward to hearing back about this! Thanks!


Just curious, does that CPU support HT ?
is it a 8 core 16 thread CPU, that may have something to do.

Anyway, AFAIK all those settings are from MS, what PC does is edit hidden power profiles, the actual way and % is MS stuff.
Bitsum QA Engineer