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Inaccurate tray icon display

Started by bertie97, June 20, 2017, 09:37:57 AM

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I earlier tried to post this on the, but that post has not appeared yet (why???).
After I hit submit it would allow me to comment on it but that is never actually appeared on the board. :o

The tray icon gives a reading of cpu use @4% on mouse-over but the cores usage suggests it is above that. & it must be :P
See pics.

I have just updated to x64 beta, I set a process to use only physical cores (Handbrake on W7x64) & I noticed this disparity in read outs.
In the hours since then, the PL main dialog has suddenly locked up (handbrake had been shut-down normally about 30mins previously) & I struggled to access task manager to shut PL down the hard way.
Odd behavior as it didn't lock up every running process but it did manage to stall some procs completely & TM partially - taking abnormally long to respond to selections & clicks.  Another 2 procs remained fine...  ???


So looking at graph and tray icon, to me both are wrong, see 4 cores in graph and to low CPU% in tray.

Can you try CPUeater, set to one core and see if you see the same.
It's working here ok on Win10.

I don't use Handbrake, but I will mention it is much harder on OC systems, if you are on one. Newer CPU can OK fine for most app/games but Handbrake can give trouble, to were move Vcore is needed.

Anyway, see if you get same problem, it might be a Win7 thing, maybe.
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Thanks Ed.
Got sidetracked....

Tried this with all cores & just physical cores & the gfx look OK to me, I see varying bar heights in the main dialog & the tray & the scales icon in the tray when all hit 100%.
With only #0 selected 0 gets 100% use but the other physical cores show some varied low-level activity - I assume this is due to other active procs eg AV.


Bitsum QA Engineer