UBUNTU with (Windows) Servant Salamander file manager

Started by gregzeng, March 22, 2011, 02:00:40 AM

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Servant Salamander file manager is THE world's best ever file manager IMHO.  In Windows I PECOMPACT it - OK.

But in Ubuntu, only the factory product version will work (under WINE).  The sole programmer of SS claim it will not work in Linux.  And he has no interest in making itt work in Linux.

Jeremy Collake

PECompact compressed executables have been tested to work fine under WINE, so it is either due to changes within WINE, changes within PECompact, or your particular application ;o. Sadly, I don't foresee a large investigation into this. I will make sure executables work in general again, but can't guarantee your EXE or particular configuration would ;o.
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