What would be my optimal settings?

Started by Justregistered, February 14, 2018, 12:20:07 PM

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I installed the free Version of Process Lasso. I don't use it for gaming. Instead for thinkorswim. It's a java based 64bit Trading application which I use for an 8GB Ram Windows 7 machine.

What I did so far:

Priority Class: High
I/O Priority: High
Memory Priority: Normal

When there is some load (30-50%) caused by other programs thinkorswim (TOS) tends to lag a bit. The results of the mentioned settings seems to keep TOS running more fluent. At least that's my subjective observation.

Now, are there some other adjustments I could do to improve the overall performance of TOS?

I tried also to activate 'Classify as a High Performance Process'. With this, TOS gets shutdown after a few minutes without any error message.

TOS by itself creates a processor load of 15% in average. Peak may be 25%.

I'm thankful for any suggestions to optimize it.


So I take it this program is mostly a back ground one, but you basically want windows to stay focused.
Your settings are ok (I would use lowest priority you can get away with).
Don't bother with Performace mode, but you can exclude this process from Probalance (which it should since you have priority not normal).
You can set app power plan to BHP if you like depending on your system (cooling/power/laptop).

That should work ok.
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