Started by bze83, June 16, 2011, 03:05:25 AM

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First i want to thank for this brilliant lifesaver program, thank you! I found it after struggling with buggy anticheat program punkbuster using 40% cpu while gaming and making it unplayable, well now i use process lasso to tame that bad boy and it works amazing :D

My real question is about this reg tweak i have used long time changing windows foreground priorities. "Win32PrioritySeparation" probably you are aware of this and i would like to know should i change this to default value when using ProcessLasso? My thinking is yes but i would like some confirmation.

Again thanks and all the best !

Jeremy Collake

This system setting can be adjusted via the Tweak Scheduler Advanced Tool in Process Lasso. You can also adjust its most prominent option in Windows via Advanced System Settings / Performance / Performance . However, it is recommended that it be left as is. The default settings are exactly what you want in almost all cases.

There are basically only two settings, though there is a sub-option on the length increase of foreground time slices. The two basic settings are to adjust performance for Foreground Processes (Windows standard) or Background Processes (Windows Server). When letting the OS choose, it chooses along those lines.

Here's a screenshot of Tweak Scheduler, just to remind everyone what this bit-encoded value represents:

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