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Started by edkiefer, July 06, 2011, 04:43:36 PM

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I know there is fix in last few versions .
I am using and I now notice "empty string" in log a few times .
It seems to be limited to when I use Cannon DPP editor (dppeditor.exe) and action is "restore original process priority" .

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For me it occurs beside "Restored default priority", for firefox.exe.
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Jeremy Collake

I found another occurence of it just in v5.0.0.33, again another *type* of priority restoration message (one type says 'its ok now', the other 'terminated while restrained', and the other 'entered the foreground'. I will throw up a debug assertion to be sure there are no more of these floating around. I'm glad I used 'EMPTY STRING' though, as previous 'blank fields' in the graph were quite obvious.

Sadly, we did have a problem with v5.0.0.33, and I had to issue v5.0.0.34 not long after. Somehow, and I'm not sure how, all the translations reverted to English. I can only think it must have been some sort of sharing violation or file system access problem that caused them to be recreated. Of course, I simply reverted to a previous version of them all from v5.0.0.32 and have continued. I tried to update ones sent after that as well. So, now there is v5.0.0.34.
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