I have installed v.3.06.6 x64

Started by sst, September 20, 2008, 08:19:30 PM

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Hi, ...

I have installed v.3.06.6 x64.

I have = Windows Vista Ultimate FrenchCanadian, x64 SP1, HP DV8305ca Laptop, 1 Cpu core AMD Turion 64 Mobile, [2 Gig. DDR1 333 Ram], [UAC enabled], [WindowsDefender x64 enabled], [ReadyBoost 2gig on "SecureDigital Highspeed(C2)"], [Vista Ultimate Estimated Score of = 3.0].

The x64 installation, at each update since v.3.06.4 x64,

= show twice the installation setup, after it complete the installation, it go that again one time. Even if i install it in an update, ...

To be clear = in ProcessLasso x64 update (downloaded with inner download button inside process lasso), the update of v.3.06.4 x64 and up, do twice the installation.

Please try it x64 version, with website download and autoupdate download, if it is not the same file downloaded.

    It dont do that in x32 setup update of v.3.06.4 x64 and up, with xp sp3.

Sylvain St-Amand (sst)
Translator of Process Lasso = French [Canada-Québec].
Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Final Build 7600

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for this report. I will give it a test and see what's going on. I'm glad you are dutifully testing the x64 build ;).
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