Bought PL because I was lazy to implement this in my own system wide script.

Started by Marctraider, December 05, 2018, 04:26:58 PM

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Bought PL because I was lazy to implement this in my own system wide script.

I see benefit in running pretty much all my processes on a small select amount of logical cpu's (1 and 2)

and put my games at core 2-3-4. (So one core overlaps in case) This gives much better frametimes for me even on an almost idle system, because well, processes still do things even if its only a mere percentage. Also keeps windows from core jumping as much with added overhead.

However if the game is NOT run, its kind of pointless to keep all other processes at only 2 cores.

Feature request: Detect if specified game(s) on foreground, act on all other processes to set restricted affinity? I'm already using PRIO (Task manager extension) to permanently set affinity on my games itself though.

Edit: I see now that there is also no 'exclude' option in affinity settings? I was trying to do * on all and than my game.exe with different affinity, it seems PL is not clever enough to know that this one should override the asterisk? Or is the inclusion list working on the order of list from top to bottom?

I dont think im led to believe this as once the executables are added there is no way to re-arrange them.


hi, the * is a wildcard setting so you can enable multiple processes.
example "C:\Program Files\windows\*.exe" would set all processes in windows folder to your setting.

There no exclude cause generally affinity is not a global type of setting, you are picking processes to run at a set value.

There will be a new project that "might" help what you're interested in if I understand right.,8146.0.html

There will be full GUI out soon, this "maybe" would help, will have to be tested.

Thanks for the input, request.
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Jeremy Collake

Allowing the rules to be re-ordered is something that does need to be present in the GUI. It is in some places, some types of rules, but not others.

There is some possibility we move to RegEx in the near future. That will allow a lot more complex pattern matching. Maybe too robust.

You should use the default/persistent CPU affinities of Process Lasso since you're already running it. It will be one less app you need running.

Switching to Process Lasso 'profiles' (sets of rules and config) when a game is launched, or some other condition met, is something on the radar.

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