The biggest mistake I made in older versions of Process Lasso (default settings)

Started by Jeremy Collake, September 21, 2008, 01:52:31 PM

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Jeremy Collake

A few months ago, due to some users complaining that Process Lasso didn't restraint this process or that, I changed the default settings so that foreground processes aren't excluded from restraint. In its place, I added special algorithms that prevent foreground applications from being lowered in priority as easily -- basically it would take more sustained, heavy usage for them to get 'hit'.

I also worried about that rare worse case scenario where a foreground thread gets hung in an infinite loop and consumes nearly all available CPU cycles. I wanted to handle this without forcing the user to click to another window, which I thought might be confusing for them.

There was also other reasoning, such as the inherit boost Windows gives foreground threads, and the likelihood other background processes, if active, would be lowered in priority as well; there-by keeping the foreground process at an even keel. It just seemed to add up at the time.

Now, foreground processes are excluded from restraint by default, and v3.06.6 even prompts the user if their configuration is found in a different state. In retrospect, it seems ridiculous to have ever NOT excluded foreground processes from restraint. I was trying to cater to a subset of users and a rare worst case situation. Bad decision.

So... for those users who tried older versions of Process Lasso and had their foreground applications occasionally lowered in priority, I hope you try Process Lasso again. They may not do so though.. a re-invention may be the best thing now that the code has matured more.
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