Tray Icon improvements

Started by Autumner, January 13, 2019, 08:12:17 AM

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There are several requests about this in the past, I'll try to add a few of my own and summarise what I can:

1. Option to not show the "ProBalance Action Is Occurring" icon, i.e. always show CPU usage (or responsiveness)
2. Additional option for RAM usage
3. Option to change graph colour
4. Option to show additional, separate tray icons (Responsiveness, CPU, Memory)
5. Option to show number instead of graph (full icon-size numbers work best here, if they are "enclosed" into the icon they are usually hard to read on small/medium-size displays)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the suggestions/reminder/summary. #1 will take all of 5 minutes, so I can immediately commit to it. The others are good ideas, and I will consider them going forward. I am always being pulled in many directions, especially right now with a lot of fundamentally new R&D.
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