Core Engine Not Running - this is happening a lot lately!

Started by Globespy, January 24, 2019, 01:29:52 PM

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I have the latest version of Process Lasso Pro, and latest version of Win 10 Pro.

I have had this issue previously and it's tedious to have to keep finding that the core engine is not running on startup - not all the time but enough to be annoying.

Surely I should not have to keep checking if the program is working ok and manually start the core engine?

Jeremy Collake

That is unusual. I have not heard or seen similar reports.

How have you configured the core engine to start? As a service or regular process (default)? See 'Options / General Settings / Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts' to verify.

What do the logs say? Do they indicate the governor started prior to you having to manually start it (checking if it somehow terminated)?

You may want to also paste our INI config here so we can test your features used. See 'File / Manually edit INI configuration file'.

We should be able to get to the bottom of this.
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Attached image of settings when following your instructions - I didn't change anything and when I clicked finish it restarted
Also attached logs image from when I turned my PC on this morning


Also, another thing I have noticed.

In options, Performance Mode Settings, why is the "uninstall Bitsum Highest Performance Profile" checked?
This surely is counter intuitive to my needs which is a "always full power" gaming PC, where I have focus on performance, not power saving?
Should I un-check this or am I missing something regarding why it's checked?

My BIOS has all C modes disabled, speedstep and speedshift disabled so that my system is always ran at max clock - this of course doesn't create any more heat than it would if speedshift was allowed to downclock the CPU.
My CPU temps are 1-2C over ambient (I am delided with very good cooling), despite all 6 cores/12 threads always at 5.3Ghz on my i7 8086K


That is just a toggle, notice it says "uninstall xxxxxxxx" and if you click it uninstalls BHP power plan, then it will show "install xxxxx".
So it just an easy way to remove our HP power plan. There are some systems that have issues with it, or I should say adding other than the OEM power plan.

Just ignore it and you be fine :)
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