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Started by parisi, September 25, 2008, 11:59:40 AM

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I sent an email to support about this but never got an answer. I am a paying customer.

First - good product!

Question - I want to be able to more easily set the default affinity for a process - right now I have to choose the menu item 7 times to remove 7 of the 8 cores on my machine. Basically I just want to assign a process to one or two cores, any ideas on how to improve that? Maybe some checkboxes...

Jeremy Collake


Thank you for your support. I'm not sure how your original email was missed.. sorry about that.

To answer your question, in the current version the 'Options / Default Affinities ...' dialog is an alternate way to configure default affinities. In your situation, it may be easier than right-clicking on processes. I can add a context (right-click) menu item to allow you to invoke this dialog with the process name pre-populated. This might make things much easier.

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