random / periodic responsiveness drops on an idle PC with an active RDP session

Started by gunther, March 01, 2019, 08:28:50 AM

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i'm a huge fan of Process Lasso and before my question, i want to say it's a must have on every PC (currently Paid for my home/gaming PC license) and free for my laptop.

I have noticed that my laptop's responsiveness goes down when i do make a RDP session on it (network is Wireless LAN 300Mbits), as shown in the attachment.
funnily enough, i've noticed that the responsiveness isn't 100% even with at Idle state.

When i use my laptop normally (directly), everything works as intended (no slowdowns).

What could cause these slowdowns?

laptop specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-5500U (2 cores, 4 threads) @2,40Ghz
Storage: Samsung SSD 850 PRO
Power Profile: Balanced (high performance setting on the slider)

Jeremy Collake

When an RDP session is initiated (to the laptop), changes in the normal Windows thread messaging (user interface communication mechanism). That would not be unexpected, especially on a system already susceptible to fluctuations in the responsiveness meter.

It is likely that idle time fluctuations are caused by the power state of the CPU or other devices. An experiment might be to see if the responsiveness drops are worse when you have selected 'Best battery life' on the power mode slider.

Assuming that is the case, while you could probably manually hack the Balanced power profile so that 'Best Performance' is even more aggressive, I do not recommend this.

While these are measurable effects, unless you are experiencing user interface lag, do not be concerned about it. These fluctuations are best considered as an indication that the responsiveness meter is operating correctly. And the responsiveness meter does appear to stay reasonably high.
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