v9.1.0.42x64: Keep PC awake - This is not a sticky setting?

Started by Mark_Kratzer, May 28, 2019, 10:33:41 PM

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I find that this resets with every reboot?

Can I make it stick?

Or is it irrelevant of my power plan is Bitsum Highest Performance?



AFAIK, that option is for temporary use, if you want a more permanent one either adjust power plan depending on what you want (sleep,  display, HD) or you could pick a process that keeps from going to sleep (anti-sleep processes option).
It depends on your needs.
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Jeremy Collake

You can change the sleep options of each power plan in the Power Options of Windows.

If you do require an over-ride of those settings, set some always running system process (e.g. lsass.exe) to anti-sleep by right-clicking on it, selecting 'Prevent Sleep -> Prevent PC and Display'.
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