Besides continued product enhancements, what else can Bitsum do?

Started by Jeremy Collake, September 19, 2011, 09:12:57 PM

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Jeremy Collake

I was thinking -- normally I ask for user feedback on the product, but since I've got a feature request list at least 2 years long, let me ask a new question: How can we be a better company? When looking at Bitsum from the 'outside', what is missing? Are we courteous and professional? Does my 'openness' harm the image of the company in any way? Am I doing as good as could be expected? You tell me. I'd like to hear what others thing. Don't hold back, feel free to tell me that the site looks like crud if that's your opinion. I need to know these things in order to continue to expand.

Of course, mostly, it is about software. However, around that software there is an image. That image is important, and it is difficult for me to see what the image is, since I'm on the inside.

Thanks to all.
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Quote from: on September 19, 2011, 09:12:57 PMWhen looking at Bitsum from the 'outside', what is missing? --- feel free to tell me that the site looks like crud if that's your opinion.

Speaking of design - take a look at for inspiration. Good design sells, whether we like it or not. Professional users may not be that interested in that aspect of things, but I'm positive you'll get much better attention from average-joe with nice design, be it on your webpage or products.
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Jeremy Collake

I agree. That is something I endeavor to improve in the future. Of course, I am reaching a point of critical mass -- how much can one man do? If I were a businessman I guess I would have gotten seed money to start with, but instead I started from zero and have survived the last decade. Perhaps what I do need is some investment to hire the personnel needed to really expand. I just don't know. It would seem like a good deal for an investor.. BUT, once you take money, you also give up control (some portion) and/or put yourself under more pressure. Perhaps the better answer is to boost my own productivity somehow.. more exercise, maybe if I'm more fit I can do more. I don't know ;).

Thanks, and I do agree 100%!
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