Is Lasso Safe?

Started by ultimate, September 21, 2011, 09:03:15 AM

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Hey All
I Tried Lasso Free Edition And Its Very Good System Optmization
Someone Told me That Optmization Software Like Lasso Can Effect Or Damage Processor
is it Safe ?


Damage processor? Are you kidding?
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I Dont know ... he told me that

Jeremy Collake

That is indeed a crazy claim. However, in this lawsuit happy world, I can't make 'absolute' statements, no matter how insane the claim is. Therefore, first, see legal disclaimer and EULA. You do use our software at your own risk. Boy do I feel silly saying that in response to something that is almost like 'Would Process Lasso eat my cat?'. However, that's the world we live in.

I can not imagine ANY scenario where it would be possible that hardware damage could occur through priority or affinity adjustments, even if you TRIED To do such. That is just outside the realm of possibility, in my opinion. Whoever said that was misinformed, or perhaps you misunderstood them. It just isn't feasible, and that's not how things work.

Further, Process Lasso is designed to be 100% safe and conservative in all its actions. As we say on our About page, our #1 rule is: Do No Harm.

Unlike certain scams out there, our algorithm takes the conservative approach. It leaves things alone that shouldn't be touched. It doesn't mess with software that has adjusted its own priority. Regarding Process Lasso's ProBalance algorithm: Instead of raising priorities, which is ineffective and can lead to software malfunctions in some cases, it lowers priorities of select background processes. This is the same thing Google Chrome does, for instance. This mechanism is tried and tested for a decade now.

User created rules can cause software malfunctions if the user does not know what he or she is doing. Therefore, do not reconfigure Process Lasso if you do not understand what you are doing. Even then, no hardware damage could possibly occur, in my opinion.

That said, there are no warranties, expressed or implied. This information is my opinion. Use Process Lasso at your own risk. By using Process Lasso, you agree to accept all liability, even if it somehow ate your cat. You agree to accept liability for all damages, tangible or intangible, resulting from the use or misuse of Process Lasso. Again, I must say this for legal reasons, but I also really mean it when I say it. I hope you get what I'm saying ;).

Since I have no wealth, I am not sure why I even worry about legal disclaimers, lol ;p. Still, it is important you understand, and particularly understand that as an advanced tool, you should not reconfigure it unless you know what you are doing. Its default configuration is conservative and safe as I have been able to make it, and safe to your processor and cat in my opinion (though no guarantees, again, for legal reasons) ;)
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Jeremy Collake

Please feel free to have your friend come here, and I'll discuss his concerns.
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thanks everybody

i understood