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Started by whismerhill, December 01, 2019, 11:32:48 PM

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Hi, I have just discovered your application, must say it's great and all gamers should use it
although it may broach too complex topics for some.

Anyways, I want to suggest a few UI adjustments & general conveniences for dealing with process affinity and gaming in general
pick take or forget whatever you want from the list :
- Global setting : Automatic disable HyperThreading/SMT for gaming processes that use equal or less than half of processor total number of cores
(I'm actually not sure how feasible that one is, nor if that's the right rule but something along those lines)

- UI : see the picture :
in short : -add the "disable HT/SMT" option/button to this global CPU affinity window as well (currently it's only available as a command from active processes)
-if possible to interrogate a CPU on its architecture : group together/ add slight separator for multi-chips in a single package CPUs (such as but not limited to ryzen 3000 or threadrippers)
Alternatively provide advanced settings to do so manually ?
-slight UI change to distinguish softcores  (cores provided by HT or SMT) from others at a glance. (needs to be slight to not be too distracting)

-checkbox/option to use affinity to keep a game's threads to only 1 chip in multichips processors ?
(the way I'd see it work : first process lasso could let the game run for a little bit & analyse the number of cores used, then enforce affinity accordingly ?)
(or else just an option like disabling HT..)
not sure how important that could be as a feature as I don't have an AMD processor on hand. Got the idea from looking at all the reviews recent & less recent, and how the newer Ryzen 3000 tries to trick windows into thinking the best cores are all on a single chip so that the windows scheduler is tricked into preferably using those cores...

-forum : lower recaptcha strictness, I'm getting false negatives (e.g. it says I have left "buses" in the pictures when there was none & so on....)

Thank you for reading.

Jeremy Collake

An option to disable HT/SMT in the CPU affinity selection dialog is a good idea. We will add it going forward.

I agree grouping the CPUs based on the chip layout would be nice, but probably won't happen.

Regarding the automated affinity optimization for games, that is something we'll keep in mind for sure.

The forum has a spam problem, but adjustments to the captcha are always being considered.

Thanks for the feedback!

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