File handle leak?

Started by RichD63, February 08, 2020, 05:49:07 PM

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I have noticed that the number of File Handles owned by the ProcessGovernor goes up every day and eventually I feel I need to reboot to fix it. I do also see this with NortonSecurity.exe and a few other processes. But, the problem seems worse with ProcessGovernor. Currently it is my top file handle consuming process at 11,607 handles.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the cause is so that I can fix it without having to reboot every several days.

Windows 10 Professional x64

Jeremy Collake

That doesn't sound right.

We did some testing and haven't reproduced any handle leaks, though it isn't impossible there is a leak under some scenario, though probably not file handles (handles can be representative of many kinds of objects).

It could be related to Norton (which may have code running in the governor context), or to your particular software environment (e.g. third-party DLL injection), or configuration used.

If you can copy/paste your configuration here or email to, we can test those same features. Use 'File / Manually edit configuration file'.

Generally speaking, performance wouldn't be degraded until you had millions of open handles, and even then probably not by much, so I would not obsess over it. Though obviously if some handle leak does exist, it will be fixed.

Also note you simply would need to stop and start the Governor to close the handles, a reboot isn't required.
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