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Yes, this problem should be fixed in the latest beta version.

Alternatively, you can mitigate it by turning off logging of process creation and termination events (see 'Options / Log settings').  [edited to include creation events]
Okay cool! Let me know if you can confirm that the bug is fixed.

I'm on the latest x64. I did click "Check For Updates" just to make sure and it says that I'm on the latest version.

I think there is a fix in the current beta build that might fix that issue.
The current beta is very stable if you want to move to it (menu option>UPDATES>"include beta version"

I'll need to check back to confirm 100%.
I'm on the latest x64. I did click "Check For Updates" just to make sure and it says that I'm on the latest version.

Hi, Thanks for the report.

What version of PL are you running, make sure you are up to date.
Hi, I recently installed FL Studio on my PC and I have noticed that in the Process Lasso log after I close out of the FL Studio program, it will continually display the closed out process in the log with the action item being "Process Has Terminated". It will continue to do this for days at a time- referencing a process that doesn't even show up in the Windows Task Manager. The log entries only stop displaying after a reboot. Does this somehow mean that the application is still running somehow? The odd thing is that the process doesn't even show in the "All Processes" tab any longer so I'm wondering if this is some kind of bug.
Process Lasso / Re: Idle Saver Suggestion
« Last post by Jeremy Collake on October 11, 2020, 09:40:30 AM »
That's an interesting idea. That capability does not exist in Process Lasso, or, to my knowledge, elsewhere.

As you've described in your scenario, I can envision how taking network activity into account could be of utility to power profile automation.

I'll consider it going forward. Thanks for the feedback!
Process Lasso / Idle Saver Suggestion
« Last post by flyg on October 11, 2020, 07:23:34 AM »

Instead of just when pc is idle for 30 secs can we also have a network in/out measurement to act on?

What I'm getting at it say Dropbox - the process was sitting there uploading data but its actual CPU use is low so the PC eventually considered itself idle, enabled power saver and eventually turned its self off. I was away but I thought my dropbox was syncing for two days when actually it did 15mins and then stopped.

If there has been a setting alongside Idle saying if network in/out below some value then also change power otherwise consider PC in use as if a process was using high cpu.

What do you think? Or is this functionality already there and i've just missed it?


Process Lasso / Re: Bitsum Highest Performance Mode vs Ultimate Performance mode
« Last post by edkiefer on October 09, 2020, 10:41:09 AM »
The main reason you see this option mentioned or used is for a workaround of a USB2 device that loses connection from the system (goes to sleep and never wakes up). Disabling this option through power plan or Device manager stops the idle condition, but at a cost of more power usage.

Probably not an issue on desktops but may matter on laptops.

Here one example link.
BHP starts from a clone of 'Ultimate Performance', if it exists (it may be hidden). If it doesn't exist, then 'High Performance' is cloned. From there the *only* modifications are to disable below base CPU frequency scaling and CPU core parking. The USB selected suspend setting is not altered by Process Lasso.

I don't have any additional guidance on whether you should enable or disable USB selective suspend.
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