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General / скважина под ключ
Last post by Bagertysoags - Today at 10:00:19 PM
Бурить скважину Иркутск цена мастер-буров.рф
Организация Мастер Буров оказывает услуги по бурению скважин на Вашем участке в Иркутске и Иркутской области. Работая в обусловленной области уже большое количество лет, мы знаем все нюансы и даем гарантию на выполненную работу в срок 10 лет. А вдобавок, у нас работает рассрочка без процентов на 3 месяца, что весьма удобно, если нет свободных денег на данный момент. На сайте мастер-буров.рф познакомьтесь с нашими ценами, вариантам работ и подобной интересной информацией.
По вопросу скважина под ключ иркутск  мы вам обязательно поможем. На представленном веб ресурсе можно увидеть примерную глубину бурения на Вашем участке в видео, а также стоимость. Но самый верный метод — это позвать к себе специалиста для определения правильного участка под скважину, определения объема работы и, в соответствии с этим, стоимость. Напишите контактный номер телефона и мы созвонимся с Вами в скорое время.
У нас собственная техника с буровыми установками, которая предоставляет возможность оказывать услуги высшего качества по очень приемлемым расценкам. В штате 8 единиц техники и 22 профессионала с большим опытом. Вы также можете заказать всё самое нужное оборудование для водоснабжения. Среди них: химический анализ воды, набор для подключения, насос для скважины, септик и другое. По всем вопросам позвоните по контактному телефону 8(3952)559-589 или приходите по адресу: г. Иркутск, мкр-н Радужный, д. 12, оф. 310.
Купить устройство скважины на воду  можно на веб портале мастер-буров.рф прямо сейчас. Скважина с чистой водой — один из главных деталей на Вашем участке. Мы даем гарантию на качество проделанной работы, материалов, а также предлагаем сервисное обслуживание. Наружние факторы могут плохо влиять на скважину и качество воды, мы также справляемся с восстановлением поврежденных скважин от поломок и с очисткой от заиливания. Звоните, пишите, будем рады с Вами работать.
Process Lasso / Re: Advice appreciated
Last post by Jeremy Collake - Today at 05:36:32 AM
Nice build ;). Maybe some community members with similar setups with have some tips for you. Generally, I tell people to install Process Lasso and stick with the defaults initially, then you can start tuning. This page may also be helpful.
Process Lasso / Re: Process Lasso Pending Upda...
Last post by Jeremy Collake - Today at 05:29:04 AM
Are you using the automatic updates feature? If you disable automatic updates, the focus mode setting should take precedence, but then you will have to click to update.

I think the issues here are:

1. Windowed mode game. Process Lasso won't update during full-screen gameplay, but since you're in a window it doesn't detect it properly. Tying it to Performance Mode specifically is problematic because some users run in that mode continuously. However, certainly we can identify most games.
2. Automatic updates may interfere with gameplay by causing a focus shift. We'll run some tests and try to reproduce the issue. The best resolution is to make the automatic update work seamlessly in any circumstance.

Process Lasso / Advice appreciated
Last post by SCHERLOCK - Yesterday at 08:35:02 PM
Threadripper 5965, 256g ram, raid 0 4tb, 3080 , all liquid ,ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi , win 11 pro, way to many led's, RUNS GREAT . Debating on installing lasso . Any input would be nice , tweaks ,tips, don'ts .
Process Lasso / Process Lasso Pending Update -...
Last post by Globespy - Yesterday at 03:46:34 PM
This mostly happens with Destiny 2, and something I have noted over months of playing.
The game will freeze and will become nearly impossible to terminate, taking often a minute or more - thankfully I play Windowed FS, so easier to Alt+Tab.
When the frozen game screen eventually closes, the 'New version of PL' small window is often on screen, and since this has happened a lot, I don't think it's a coincidence.
Is there any way for PL to NOT offer the updates when 'Performance Mode' is selected and/or a gaming process is running? I mention the latter as I often Alt+Tab out of the game to use a 3rd party game equipment management system (DIM - Destiny Item Manager), or to just look up a guide on how to do something in the game.
I did look in the PL options, but could not find anything like this - I am using Windows 11 (latest 23H2 build) with 'Focus Mode' enabled when playing games, so I don't think it's Windows.
Appreciate any feedback.
Process Lasso / Re: Power Plan often not doing...
Last post by Globespy - Yesterday at 03:39:49 PM
Thank you!
General / Re: Music Production
Last post by Jeremy Collake - Yesterday at 10:13:37 AM
A lot of people use Process Lasso on media production tasks. The forum search function is terrible, so you may want to try using Google to search this forum by appending "" to your query, but I'm not sure if you'll find any helpful content.

The ProBalance feature is usually quite helpful, as-is Performance Mode if you aren't already in a well-tuned power plan or want to switch to a high performance plan when your media production processes are running. Beyond that, people tune process settings to their liking and hardware, but I don't have specific guidance for you. I'm hoping some community members may.
Process Lasso / Re: Ryzen balanced
Last post by oductivefor - Yesterday at 06:19:46 AM
Quote from: Whort1961 on June 04, 2024, 02:40:21 AMBalanced power plan: This prioritizes energy efficiency and keeps the CPUbasketball legends at a lower clock speed most of the time. Performance might be slightly lower, but it reduces heat generation and power consumption.
High Performance power plan: This prioritizes maximum performance and allows the CPU to run at higher clock speeds more often. This can be beneficial for demanding tasks but can also lead to increased heat and power consumption.
Previously, I was a bit worried about performance when using BHP to play games. But after listening to you, I feel much more secure.
Process Lasso / Re: Process lasso workaround n...
Last post by jwatsica - Yesterday at 12:36:49 AM
While the game is running, use Task Manager or a monitoring tool to see if your CPU or memory usage is spiking. High resource usage can lead to freezing. If you see spikes, try closing unnecessary background applications or reducing in-game settings.
Process Lasso / Re: QoL - About rules prioriti...
Last post by Jeremy Collake - June 13, 2024, 04:29:14 PM
This issue is fixed as of v14.1.1.9 beta. It impacted the CPU Sets, Watchdog, and Efficiency Mode dialogs. The code pattern on those features was slightly different than the others, resulting in this bug that we simply missed in testing. Thank you for reporting it, and if you see any other problems, please let me know.

A new release version will be published soon.