Turning logging off doesn't work

Started by Keefaetana, January 21, 2021, 12:33:59 PM

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I've turned logging off in Process Lasso by un-checking "Logging enabled", but Lasso still keeps on adding actions to the log. I am currently using the version beta. I haven't noticed the issue before, but it may have already existed in previous versions.


Thanks for the report, it seems to be working fine on my end ( beta) but will test some other options.

PL is undergoing some big changes in logging, but we are currently testing now.
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Thank you for replying.

I additionally tried un-checking all the individual "Log process launches", "Log process terminations", and everything below it. The issue still persists.

Next up, I exported my settings and reset my configuration via Options. Let's see if that fixes the issue.

EDIT: Nope, doesn't fix the issue fully. The only settings I changed after resetting the whole configuration was to disable logging by un-checking "Logging enabled", and to enable "Lower I/O priority during restraint", and very soon "I/O priority class lowered" shows up in the Actions log. Also, I updated to beta before the latest test.


Can you try something, note any change then open the config file in (prolasso.ini) by Menu, File> "manual edit the config file".
See if your changes match what the file says under [Logging] halfway down the file.

Edit, Thank you for the detailed report, no need to test my above comment, I have repro your test. It is the option "Lower I/O priority during restraint" that is causing it.
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Jeremy Collake

This will be fixed in It did exist in all prior versions. The option to lower I/O priority during ProBalance restraints is seldom used, so this was missed until now. Thanks for reporting it!
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