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Bugs ?

Started by blackps, December 19, 2011, 11:48:42 AM

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Go to options , set Process Lasso to restart every day for example,shut it down,start it again,the option is unselected. And other problem is that sometimes the icons for programs are wrong,example for yahoo messenger shows another icon from another program,can you please check the problem out,and 3-rd problem is that the Crysis 2 problem is not fixed,Process Lasso will stay in gaming mode after playing Crysis 2 it will not see that i have exit the game. Thanks.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the report. I have been working on the first two, they'll definitely be getting fixed. The third I need to investigate a bit more, see what's going on there. Have no fear, will get it just right ;)

UPDATE: Self-restart option fixed here internally. Somehow some debug code made it into the final, causing that to quit working - for the few that use that option. So, its in the next build for sure. Icon anomalies are a bit troublesome in their randomness, may take a couple builds.
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ok thanks,keep up the good work ,your program is great,one of the best programs,It's bad that it's not someone like you at microsoft.