A question and a feature request

Started by kupo, April 06, 2012, 10:50:10 AM

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First the question. Which executable should I allow through Windows Firewall to be able to check and download updates in Process Lasso?(It's because I also block outbound connection in Windows :D)
Feature request: Maybe you could add this in Energy Saver Mode. When the laptop is running on batteries maybe you could add a setting that will automatically switch to a power saver mode, and when it's plugged in, it will automatically switch to High Performance Mode.

Jeremy Collake

1. ProcessLasso.exe, QuickUpgrade.exe, and plActivate.exe should be allowed through your firewall. The first checks for updates, the second does automatic updates, the third does licensing.

2. I'll consider it for sure, though there are many OEM supplied utilities that do similar things.

Also keep in mind for every power profile (even High Performance) there are two distinct sub-profiles. One for 'plugged in' and on for 'battery' (AC vs DC). When you're on battery, you get instantly switched the DC settings of that power profile.

The point I get at is that it may be easiest to just set the DC power profile options for High Performance mode to whatever you desire, rather than switch power profiles.

That said, not all users will want to do this, and it is a bit confusing in presentation, so I'll definitely consider that for future versions ;). It would be really easy to do, really easy.
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