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Errors when logging out on notebook

Started by Jibz, April 12, 2012, 01:11:34 PM

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I have had some issues with the last few builds on my notebook (Samsung NC10), where when I log out the current user, I get a dialog saying Windows is waiting for "PersistentWndName" or similar to close, and I get a number of error dialogs saying processgovernor cannot load a dll because it is closing down (sorry if the names mentioned are not entirely accurate, I am posting this from another computer, so I am quoting from memory).

While this is going on, the traffic light icon in the tray is all red.

I don't know if this is something in Process Lasso or something else, or maybe an incompatibility, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case it was something obvious.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for reporting that. I know what is causing it. It is a simple thing; something I'm going to address in a minor update coming in a few minutes. In the interim, you can simply ignore that message box, as it shouldn't prevent your PC from shutting down. In fact, the more you click it, the longer it might take. This is something seen on PCs especially slow to shut down. At least, those slower than my test beds, or what I had anticipated.

Basically, the core engine is getting the message to shut down so far ahead of the GUI, that the self-recovery mechanisms are kicking in. The difference in receipt of messages would need to have been at *least* 10 seconds. Now, of course, it takes many PCs longer than 10 seconds to shut down - but I did not anticipate a 10 second difference in notification of the applications that the system is shutting down. I should have, thus my mistake.
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Jeremy Collake

.... and v5.1.0.72 is issued ;). I apologize for this, and thanks for the heads up. I'd actually already had this fix waiting in the wings, which is why I was aware of it. A user had emailed me a couple days ago to report the same thing.
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Quote from: Jibz on April 12, 2012, 01:11:34 PM

While this is going on, the traffic light icon in the tray is all red.

I started seeing this also, recently... and I started to get this sound at log off/shutdown.

So, I wasn't imagining, that there had been a change to Process Lasso, in a recent version.  ;)

Jeremy Collake

I bungled the update I am embarrassed to say ;o. I back-ported the fix from the current dev version, not realizing I hadn't changed some other code in the window procedure. Since I was testing in Win7, I didn't see any issue. Anyway, now it may prevent your PC from shutting down if it is XP or 2K. Basically, the wrong value was returned on WM_QUERYENDSESSION. The sound may be related to the forced closure.

I am also concerned that under some scenarios some users may still see issues, so am refactoring the code a bit more.
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Jeremy Collake

The new, refactored code is coming soon. It will issue a correct fix. I believe the sound is the message box itself, being a system error (duh). See this post for more information:,1384.msg6210.html#msg6210
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Jeremy Collake

See,1384.msg6210.html#msg6210 for proper resolution. I've forced the GUI to shutdown first in 2K/XP now by changing the shutdown order (the original problem, though I was hesitant to adjust it without additional testing). This fixes it without any time bias, and without the obvious hack of extending the 'time before failure recovery'. Like I say in the other thread, I wanted to avoid just hacking a fix in, and had hoped what I added before would do the trick.

This should do it. Uploaded in about 30 minutes.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

Another explanation of this whole debacle... from G+. I am very sorry about this. It just goes to show you --- unless you're 'all in', don't even touch things. I was trying to splice myself too many directions during this tax season. I want users to understand what happened. This is not an excuse, there is no excuse, this is another technical explanation, to be sure that users get it:


Background on 2K/XP shutdown issue: There were actually two issues. One caused in .68, not serious, and seen only by a minority of 2K/XP users. In .72 I introduced a more serious 2K/XP shutdown problem in an attempt to quickly resolve this.  Sadly, this new build had a minor error with big consequences. It caused Windows 2K/XP to halt the logoff. Therefore, the user would need to close Process Lasso before logging off or shutting down!

I issued a fix less than 24 hours later in .74. I then had to break for taxes, leaving the original issue in .68 unresolved, though mitigated so even fewer would see it.

In v5.1.0.76 I have re-introduced the 'proper' fix to the original issue in v5.1.0.68. In these rare cases where this system error messagebox was shown during shutdown, the cause was the GUI inappropriately trying to restart the governor due to a time difference between notification of the GUI that the window station is shutting down and the prior closure of the governor, which was set to terminate first on shutdown. Version v5.1.0.76 correctly fixes this by explicitly forcing the GUI to shutdown first.

Users of Vista or above were never affected. Users with anything but very slow shutdowns (especially on the initial closure of applications) were also never affected by #1. They were affected by the short-lived #2 issue in .72.


The sound was the message box displaying, or trying to re-display itself during the shutdown process.
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