A 'Notification Window' opened, but nothing was on it

Started by gman68w, April 25, 2012, 01:00:42 PM

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When I booted up this morning, I was greeted with a window with "processlasso_notification_window" in the titlebar, but the window was completely blank. I assume it had something important to say, probably about v6. Am I close?

Probably not, because I noticed later that when I had closed that window, the System Tray icon went away, too, and opening the program again from the Start Menu or from the desktop icon didn't bring it back. I had to go into Task Manager and end the "Processlasso.exe" process and then restart it to get everything back.

Jeremy Collake

I wish v6 were close enough to be sending update notifications out.

What you actually saw is kind of technical, but is a strange aberration.  Normally that window procedure actually handles system tray messages, and its 'window' is thus not visible to the user. There are hundreds or thousands of 'hidden' type windows on your PC, serving various purposes. In this case, that window procedure processes system tray messages. How it became visible is unknown. I could speculate I suppose. If you were using any other software that might have a 'bring to front' or 'open process window' type function, it could have malfunctioned. Process Lasso itself could have somehow malfunctoned, though I wouldn't know how that window would get stuck in a visible state like that. I will have to evaluate this further. I will check the code changes carefully.

Thanks for reporting whatever this is/was. I'm not immediately sure what to make of it, though am churning it around a bit. There's only so many possibilities. Maybe some new code that accidentally got included with version 5, perhaps a class constructor somewhere malfunctioning, and adopting the title of the system tray window somehow. Hmm.. I just don't see such though.

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