v6 RTM Sunday - Final Message to Testers

Started by Jeremy Collake, July 20, 2012, 04:40:49 AM

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Jeremy Collake

Still have problems with the beta? Don't worry - many are already on the schedule to get addressed, and others I hope to fix during my own debugging and code review. If by some chance you are missed out on, I will do an in-depth exploration into what is going on.

Yes, there is quite a bit of work left to do!

Just now I enabled seamless migration of your application/default power profiles whether you are using one of the newer betas OR version 5. So, no lost entries ;).

I also want to create good migration documentation, and update the old docs. The latter goal may take into next week, but the RTM code for v6 will likely come on Sunday if at all possible. Even if there is one or two outstanding reports of trouble, and if I can't reproduce them and suspect external factors, I will go forward. That said, I'm hoping they are all fixed ;). For 99% of people Process Lasso v6 beta does just fine, and it is about time to move on -- but not before some very thorough debugging. The kind that finds problems before they need be reported ;).

I've been working hard all week to build up to this. It hasn't been easy really. There are always distractions, and even detractors. I made some mistakes. I corrected some mistakes. However, the end product is what is beautiful. When I show you the side-by-side v5 -> v6 documentation and screenshots you will see how far we've come. It is easy not to notice such incremental change since I do public alpha and betas (for better or worse).

I thank all those who have participated in our beta program and reported problems. It took a while, but we got there. As I always told you, QA is the last step - and what I'm doing now. That is for one simple reason: Any change requires complete regression testing, so it must be done at the end (and restarted if there are changes).

Thanks to all
- Jeremy
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.