Process Lasso versions and crashes during McAfee upates

Started by Stephe, June 06, 2013, 12:59:08 AM

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I have had cases of Process Lasso crashing during a manual
update check for McAfee SecurityCenter before, but with
versions and of Process Lasso, it happens
almost every time now.  It doesn't always happen if there
are currently no new McAfee SecurityCenter updates, but
when there are, it crashes Process Lasso.

I check for McAfee updates manually because I unplug my
Ethernet cable whenever I am not online.  I read my e-mail
and do other things on my PC with my internet connection
off.  I've gotten viruses in the past, so I flush my temporary
internet files often, do not have Java on my PC, and have
disabled javascript in Adobe Reader.


When it crash, it should be creating a minidump/dump for it.
Try find it at the %APPDATA%\ProcessLasso, it should be there.
Just upload the dump(with another file sharing site, as the forum has some issues :P)and paste the link here, it should be named as pl6-minidump-bitsum-ProcessLassoEXE.dmp ;)

If you don't get the dump, just create it manually while it is crash, and the crash window showed up.
Don't close that crash window, create a minidump with this ways. :),2915.0.html