Another approach to silent updates

Started by norain, June 26, 2013, 04:42:11 AM

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I think this is going too far. I NEVER want silent updates. It should always give me the chance to click to start the update.
The reason is because I have many things running in realtime that cannot be disturbed. The installation process will always cause huge DPC latencies due to the way Windows is designed, which will cause loss of data.  I want the auto download, but let ME tell it when to actually do the update. Just like it was, it was optimal.
Please don't improve PL until it is unusable! :-)
Too much automation is just BAD. I don't have time to do manual update checks either.  For me, in the it best.
How about this: make silent update an option? That would suit everyone.
Manual update, Semi-automatic (click to install as it was), fully automatic. Nice!
My opinion.

Jeremy Collake

I have good news, that suggestion has always been the case ;).

It is already an option. Automated updates are off by default. The user has to turn them on in the Updates menu.
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