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Started by BenYeeHua, August 14, 2013, 04:35:32 AM

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Look like MS like to push a few patch(or software patch, for more better way to saying about it) to Windows Update, but not while it is monthly update. :)

OneDrive reliability update for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1

July 2014 update for Microsoft Silverlight 5
QuoteA Silverlight application that uses tab-switched controls exhibits a memory leak when you switch between tabs or pages in the application.
I forgot this patch, this patch become Important and push to Windows Update.

Windows Update Client does not scan against WSUS 3.0 SP2 if HTTPS is configured and TLS 1.2 is not enabled


Another month, this month we got 1GB update!!!(With MS Office of cause)

Still Flash Player, but it look like Adobe is still sleeping, they forgot to update/post/allow people to read the release note. ;D
And, we also got Adobe Air and Reader update. :)

Here is the Adobe Air+Flash Player changelog.
QuoteAugust 12th, 2014

AIR Bugs
•[iOS8] A notification dialog is coming after launching any AIR applications. (3771162)
•Auto resolve conflicting common library JARs and common resources for multiple ANEs. ADT will throw warning in case of auto-resolve. (3780590)

Flash Player Bugs
•Content of Depth buffer on some gpus with OS windows xp is wrong (3778417)
•StageVideo with camera doesn't work properly, no video is displayed. (3781244)
Fixed some Excel crash

Reduced bug for Lync online feature

High resolution Image will be blur when import to Visio 2013(need manual enable it via the registry, after you patch it)

Office apps may crash when clicking File, can't preview custom template.

Office apps may crash when save to MS OneDrive

Improved dates and translate of some Languages/Locations

Record Audio/Slide Show has been switch over from WMA to M4A for ARM device compatibility like Android, WP and iOS(can change back via registry)

Improved/fixed the wrong feature for Word
Just a little news here, any IE before IE9 will not be patch anymore next year, which means that Windows XP will getting more danger for using IE.

IE patch

IE will open a new window, not a new tab if UAC is disable, or User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode

Improved performance for textContent property

IE will telling that some software is changing your search engine

Enable both Automatically detect intranet network+proxy bypass feature will fails

Fixed Memory leak for website that contains "window.performance"

Fixed tab no respond for perform form post actions on a webpage

F12 tools improved

Added new feature that will update outdated ActiveX, so far it only support Java

Improved WebGL

And also issues.
1.IE may be slow
2.IE may crash when there is HTML Explorer bar enabled, it is scheduled to fixed next month
----------Windows/Listed under Windows
Fixed vulnerability that can bypass ASLR for .net 3.5

Windows Installer service Vulnerability

Kernel-mode drivers vulnerability
The KB2982791 will making the font that is not installed to default font location(%windir%\fonts\) will be locked when it is in used.

Local Remote Procedure Call(LRPC) vulnerability

Mobile Device Manager (MDM) update, fixed fail to install Windows Store apps and non-English VPN/WiFi name

Updated Camera Codec Pack
Quote•Canon: EOS M2
•Nikon: 1 AW1, D4s, D3610, D3300, D5300, Df, P330, P7800
•Panasonic: Lumix DMC-G6
•Pentax: K-50, K-500
•Fujifilm: X-Pro1, X20, X-E1

Updated time zone
QuoteJordan Standard Time:
For 2014 and onward, Jordan has changed its DST Start time from the last Thursday in March at midnight to the last Friday in March at 1 A.M., and its DST End time from the last Friday in October at 1 A.M to the last Friday in October at midnight. (2922717)
•Fiji Standard Time:
For 2014 only, Fiji has changed its DST End time from January 19 at 3 A.M. to January 19 at 2 A.M. (2922717)
•Paraguay Standard Time:
For 2014 and onward, Paraguay has changed its DST End date from the second Sunday in April to the fourth Sunday in March. (2935092)
•Turkey Standard Time:
For 2014 only, Turkey has changed its DST Start time from March 30 at 3 A.M. to March 31 at 3 A.M. (2935092)
•Pacific SA Standard Time
For 2014 only, the DST Start time is changed from the Last Saturday in April (April 26) at midnight to the Last Saturday in April (April 26) at 11 P.M., and the DST End time is changed from the first Saturday in September (Sept. 6) at midnight to First Sunday in September (Sept. 7) at 1 A.M. (2935092)
•Egypt Standard Time
For 2014, Egypt has set its DST Start time at Thursday, May 15 at one minute before midnight, and its DST End time at Thursday, September 25 at one minute before midnight. (2981580)
•Line Islands Standard Time
A new time zone for Kiritimati Island (UTC+14) is added. (2981580)
•SA Pacific Standard Time
Starting on November 10, 2013, the display name is changed from "(UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito" to "(UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito, Rio Branco." (2922717)

Fixed Family Safe cert issues on Firefox(still need to delete the site that is using HTTPS if it is showing error)
------Windows 8.1 Update rollup

Improved Windows Update and Recovery info(Metro settings) and adding 3 new feature/control for Precision touchpad.

For Precision touchpad, this is a new type hardware of touchpad that transfer nearly Raw input to Windows, and it don't need any driver, and it is a MS standard, which means that you will know how it works by just reading the help from Windows.
But you will lost ability to customize it with gestures, like three finger to right click etc, until Windows or some software support it.

It can update the firmware too, and it will fix if the update fail like power cut off, but I am not sure about how this will works.

For more info.
QuoteSettings changes for Update and Recovery
This feature introduces new information in the Windows Update Settings, and gives you more information on how up to date your systems are by displaying the most recent check for updates and the last date updates were installed.

Precision touchpad improvements
This feature adds the following three end-user settings to control the behavior of precision touchpad devices:•Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected
•Allow right-clicks on the touchpad
•Double-tap and drag
You can find these settings under the Mouse and touchpad menu in PC Settings.

It also added/improved
Quote•Ruble symbol update
•Out-of-date ActiveX control blocking
•Wi-Fi Direct APIs for Discoverability
•Video capture metadata for MP4
•Minimizing Logon Prompts for Microsoft SharePoint Online

Blank icon in the Jump List after the application is updated

Update to add pronunciation Pinyin strings when you input Chinese characters
Sound like a good function, if the word is rare used/seen, this update allow you for just adding pronunciation Pinyin about the word. :)
Just I may try/find how to do this first. ::)
Edit:It is a feature for Office products.
QuoteAfter you apply this update rollup, you can add the pronunciation Pinyin strings of the highlighted Chinese characters on top of the characters.

Task name is deleted after you link a storage report to a scheduled task(A.K.A. the task will stop working)

Don't do anything for just installed Windows 8.1, until you create a new admin account, of you will facing some bug like this that tiles lost after you customize while deleted the default admin account(and wait... who will do something like this? ;D)

USB device remove and install repeatedly when it is connected

Clicking "Find more" under mobile broadband causes Searching status to freeze

USB device appears with a yellow exclamation mark in Windows Device Manager after you plug and unplug for a short time(I did facing this issues before, and you need to plug the device again, if you don't wanna reboot)

SystemSettings.exe process crashes when you add a VPN connection with a High Resolution Screen(2560x1440+)

File download freezes and CPU usage high when WFP callout driver(Network filter driver) is installed
Quote•You download a large file (such as larger than 500 kilobytes).
Is this very large?

Account picture shifts to right side after you unlock a computer from an application

"0x0000009F" Stop error occurs
QuoteThe issue occurs because a power I/O request packet (IRP) expires while it waits for the power arbiter thread to complete the power request. The power arbiter thread waits to lock a resource that is already obtained by another thread. The resource is not released when the system is turned off, and this causes the power IRP to expire.
Hmm, this sound like a similar BSoD that is facing by ASUS G750 Notebook Optimus user, I has reply them about this patch. :)

Properties of an item opens randomly when you double-click the item, with charms bar(The black metro bar that you used for shut down etc ;)) showing on the right side.

Playback stops when you open a file that the Xbox Music application is playing
Wait... where is the T! :o
Quote•he same file is opened for write-access by another application, or you view the properties of the file in File Explorer during playback in the Xbox music application.

Folder redirection stops working when multiple users log on

Computer does not wake when you disconnect AC power, caused by InstantGo/Connected Standby

Update to improve battery life during low-power audio playback in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, for Intel Bay Trail processors laptop/netbook/tablet only

"Set as metered connection" setting for Wi-Fi and MBB connections remains in Off state, after you log on as non-admin user

"App can't set print settings" error or double-byte character set(DBCS)characters cannot be printed

Windows Store app still reacts to search text when you delete the text in Search charm

"Insert a SIM" text is still shown in VAN UI after you insert a SIM card

Virtual machines perform slowly or crash, caused by VM that handle TRIM for SSD incorrectly

0x9F Stop error occurs randomly when a computer enters hibernation from InstantGo/Connected Standby state

Remote Desktop session freezes when you run an application in the session

FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification can now request 3D printers

Web browser icons cannot be unpinned and are displayed incorrectly on the taskbar, if browser support Desktop+Metro

Delay in turning on display when you reopen lid

PDF file pages are blank when you open the file by using a Windows Store app, which using Windows.Storage.Streams.RandomAccessStreamReference class

Windows crashes with Stop error when filter driver perform FltWriteFileEx function

Desktop isn't shown correctly when network icon in notification area is changed repeatedly in 64-bit version of Windows
I wonder how it will look like. ;D
I think you know why it is a total 1GB patches.... :P


A bit late for this update, but I want to waiting for MS confirm the issues first, as I am not facing this issues. :)

For Windows 7 - 8.1, if you are facing 0x50 BSoD, Font not rendering/showing, fail to delete font etc, it is caused by this 4 patch, and MS has been removed the download link.
If you wanna stability, you should remove this 4 patch.

If you don't wanna remove the patch, but you wanna at least don't facing 0x50 BSoD, it is on the Known issue 3-Mitigations of the article.
At last, If you don't install any font, you are good to ignore it. ;)


I am not facing any issue but install this fix because of 2 previous IE patches .

I have 2 of those 4 patches


But no issues .
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Yup, a lot of Windows user are lucky and not facing any issues so far(based on many comment on news about this issues), only if you installed many fonts as you need it, maybe you will facing it. :)


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Look like yesterday, MS released a new patch(KB2993651) without breaking the font and boot, after they pulled the patch(KB2982791).
You should install it as it fix vulnerability. :)

QuoteI already successfully installed the original 2982791 security update and am not experiencing any difficulties. Should I apply the replacement update (2993651) released on August 27, 2014?
Yes. All customers should apply the 2993651 update, which replaces the expired 2982791 update. Customers do not need to uninstall the expired 2982791 update before applying the 2993651 update; however, Microsoft strongly recommends it. Customers who do not remove the expired update will retain a listing for 2982791 under installed updates in Control Panel.


yeh, I just uninstalled the older version and updated to new one .

This is going to be bad if there any side affects for not uninstalling old version , as most will just install it or auto install .
Bitsum QA Engineer

Jeremy Collake

Only a large corporation could write double-talk like: "Customers do not need to uninstall the expired 2982791 update before applying the 2993651 update; however, Microsoft strongly recommends it."
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


hehe , my bad, I didn't even read the "more info link" on it cause I read so many links about how it best to uninstall old version then apply new .

I normally read the MS info on it but this time it was plastered all over the place .

Honestly why can't the just have it uninstall the old one first .

many times if you do large amount of updates it will only do part and then install rest, so its smart to do that I don't see why this is even a issue .
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Ya, and that is why I quote that Q&A, it is very important. ;)

Did you just facing the same issues after install this?
Read this, I tell you I recommend you to uninstall the old patch first! ::)
Quote from: edkiefer on August 28, 2014, 06:56:59 PM
hehe , my bad, I didn't even read the "more info link" on it cause I read so many links about how it best to uninstall old version then apply new .

I normally read the MS info on it but this time it was plastered all over the place .

Honestly why can't the just have it uninstall the old one first .

many times if you do large amount of updates it will only do part and then install rest, so its smart to do that I don't see why this is even a issue .
I think it just replace the whole system files.
Most of the time, the newer patch will replace the old one, compress the replaced file and keep it on the WinSxS folder as a backup, so you are allow to uninstall it.
This is also why your system drive get bigger and bigger every month.

And that's why you better using only Windows Update, as sometimes third-part software that provide similar function like Windows Update forgot to set the old patch as replaced, so they will install the old one, then install the newer one, which causing more download, install and less disk space.
It can be even worst, after you install the newer one without install the old one, they will read the "Installed Update" list and found that this old patch is not there, then trying to patch it.

If you are unlucky that the system fail to detect it is a replaced update, it will install it and bang! 8)


I had no issues with the old one as I use default fonts .

I did uninstall old one manually and then updated the new one through windows updater .

All seems fine , other than I had to do few reboots .
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Hmm, I get only 1 reboot and it is installed, maybe it is recreating the font cache I guess.


only one reboot per update , so uninstall old update, needs reboot then install new and reboot .
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Ok, so it automatic uninstall the old update?
Because you said that you don't uninstall the old update manually.


no, i'll fix post above, I "did" uninstall first old update manually  .
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Ok, anyways, thank for the sharing. :)
But ya, I did hear that some computer need reboot a few times to install update, I wonder did they means after install update, it will reboot itself a few times, or they need to install update, reboot, then install another update that based on/need the installed update.


yeh, I don't know, I could of tried installing new update w/o the reboot but thought that be bad idea .
System reboots in less then 30sec so not long .

Yes, no SSD yet  ;D
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Yup, as it is just less than or 10 files(windows 8.1 64 bit - 10, win 7 64 bit - 6) update, it should not be slowing down too much for just patching it. ;)
If it really slowing down, then it is time to defrag your HDD. :)


Look like after they patched KB2993651 which solved boot crash, font issues etc, they release the August 2014 update rollup again.

And, you need to install 2993651 first before install 2975719.
QuoteTo apply this update, follow these steps:
1.Install update 2919355 on the Windows 8.1-based or Windows Server 2012 R2-based computer, and then restart the computer.
2.Install update 2993651 on the computer, and then restart the computer.
This 2975719 also fixed this issues, and nope, it look like it is not named as v2.

You cannot use printers to print files after applying update 2975719 in Windows 8.1
So, here is the story.
If you installed 2975719 and facing BSoD or font issues, MS released 2993651 that replace 2982791, then MS released 2975719 again that need 2993651 without showing much about 2975719 is a fixed version.

To keep it simple, just install all update from Windows Update, then restart, then install again, then restart, then... ::)
A little thing/bug, the Windows update will suck on downloading update, 3%, but it is backing up the old files, you can confirm this by checking the hard disk light or usage. ;)


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Yup, Windows 7 don't has rollup patch, it is started since Windows 8. :)


As usual, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air are released, but the Adobe Reader is delayed to September 15, 2014 because they found some issues.

Fixed crash while exiting Excel, when you has too many workbooks open

And it look like there are some issues for the patch for Lync, you may wanna check for it before install this patch

Enabled Active Directory Authentication Library Single Sign-On feature for Lync

Fixed crash for Microsoft Office Document Cache Sync Client Interface(under OneDrive)

Fixed font symbol that fail to show correctly within circle

Updated Localization

Fixed crash of the Microsoft Office 2013 component - Office Document Cache for running Office 2013 Click-to-Run edition and OneDrive for Business (.msi)-based edition at the same times

Fail to sync a new library (OneDrive)

Fixed selected shape replaced by newly pasted shape and video showing as a black border(because of the width or height is not multiply of 16)

------Internet Explorer

Fixed 1 publicly disclosed and 36 privately reported vulnerabilities

File upload fail

Scaling at the bigger size than it should be

IE9 stop respond when loading/downloading page

Allow enterprises for use the registry key to disable update button of the outdated ActiveX

----dot NET

Just a vulnerability for running a special website with admin right for .NET 3.5

Denial of service vulnerability


Vulnerability for Windows Task Scheduler that can running with Admin right(need password/valid logon credentials to do that...)

Released again, the KB2975719, and don't showing any information about it is v3

Servicing stack update, interesting..
QuoteThe servicing stack includes the files and resources that are required to service a Windows image. This includes the Package Manager executable, the required servicing libraries, and other resources. The servicing stack is included in all Windows installations.
QuoteAssume that a specific driver is hosted on a Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) file share. You specify the UNC file share in the unattended.xml file, and then perform an unattended installation. In this situation, the installation fails. The driver is not found, and the following error message is logged in the Cbs_unattend.log file:
Driver Manager: PID=228 TID=712 Making connection to share with username 'username' and password 'password' ... ( HRESULT = 0x0 ) â€" DriversCallback
Error DISM DISM Driver
Manager: PID=228 TID=712 Credentials failed when connecting to 'UNC file path' ( HRESULT = 0x8007007F ) â€" DriversCallback


And finally, the roll up update

Xbox Video Stop at 99% and fail to save into external drive, because of timeout waiting to copying the file from internal drive(HDD) to external drive(SD card etc.)

Promotional items display incorrectly in Windows Store
QuoteSome promotional items are priced at $0.00 but are labeled as 99% off in Windows Store in Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2. These items should be labeled as 100% off.
lol, that is why they release this update at â'¨-â'¨-2014. ;D

Error showing up for open a placeholder files(OneDrive)

Always double taps when you click once on the scroll bar arrow(Precision Touchpad - PTP)
PS:That is why you need to wait before using PTP, it sound good, but it always having issues first, just look at your much older touchpad and it still has many issues too!
PTP is just a TouchPad standard for Windows User when they started this, then it get much improved like smooth, low latency(still not at least 500HZ) touchpad(hardware, as they can just handle the driver/software to MS except firmware)

PTP settings is not the same for each user account.
PS:Wait... So it should be the same settings, for each difference user? Or it is just for turn on/off?

0x3B BSoD when logon(2 threads fighting when logon)

Apps (that detect locale installed in the computer) crash after LPRemove task runs(mostly likely after installed Windows with multi-language)

Long waiting time for opening a Outlook attach while the Internet is bad

Bing Smart Search(on the Search charm) having much lower loading time for the search result page and much better ranking
PS:Cache or preload, maybe?

Apps that using Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) is unstable for using UDP connections

Broadcast storm for Hyper-V user that switch from a network card to another network card
QuoteConsider the following scenario:•You have at least three client computers that are running Windows 8.1.
•The client computers each have one Ethernet network adapter and one Wi-Fi network adapter installed.
•You configure the client computers for the Hyper-V role.
•You connect both the Ethernet and Wi-Fi network adapter on each computer to the same subnet.
•You bind the Hyper-V virtual switch to the Wireless network adapter.

In this scenario, a broadcast "Unsolicited Neighbor" advertisement is sent from the Ethernet network adapter that contains the Ethernet network's source MAC address. Then, the virtual switch on the wireless network adapter receives this packet and duplicates it so that it contains the Wi-Fi network adapter's source MAC address. This may trigger a broadcast storm, as in the following example:
0.1366931 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1371023 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1383006 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1420106 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1433349 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1433349 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1498319 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1512549 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5
0.1512549 FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5 FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 ICMPv6 ICMPv6:Neighbor Advertisement, Target = FE80:0:0:0:71AC:69C2:1AF4:92B5

More info about it.

That's all of it. :)


Just want to said that, after restart the computer, you may found that Windows fail to install KB2984006 (September roll up patch), and trying to install it will get a error 80200056. :P
I think it is because it don't install the KB2975719(v3 or latest version), so it fail to detect that it need install another small patch first(you can see there are more patch/MSU files in KB2984006 - File information).

Just a simple fix, wait for the Tiworker.exe finish the jobs to compress first, then you re-detect the updates that needs by clicking on "Check for updates" on the left hand side, then it will detect another small patch that it need, and you just tick it, and let it download/install again. ;)
(yup, you will found that it don't download anything before you check for updates and try to install again)


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It should be 9 patches only(windows+dot NET+Optional), if you ignore all small patches that is included inside the big patch. ;)
And interesting, I found a new patch from my security software, it is KB2894856 v2.

But based on some info, the old version is Superseded, and it should be the same with v2.


This is why you should use Website based or Windows 8's bundle OneDrive only.
Just kidding. ;D


he he , I don't use either , just posted for others .

I just wish MS fixes/replaces all these patches lately that either have been pulled or known to have many issues .

It is starting to make your head spin trying to keep track .
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Yup, it is very funny to see KB2975719 re-released third time without showing it is v3 or something, I wonder did some Security software that provide patch function will be confuse or not, like not reinstalling the v3. :)

Jeremy Collake

From the outside, we all wonder how these mega-corps screw up so bad. From the inside, it's obvious. They don't listen to their engineers, who are continually marginalized. Guidance is instead taken from the professional managers and their crystal balls, who invariably believe they are smarter than everyone else. I've yet to see a large corporation that is run well. Even Google's culture is starting to crumble.. and, if you remember, it succeeded because it was different in that it kept engineers in the driver seat.
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Yup, a smart guy always know they are not smart, if they are smart, why they need to learn new thing? ;)
And everyone is good on difference thing, so as a professional mangers, you should not be good on all thing, but manage.

Anyways, most big-mega corps is still there, because they has difference team/department for difference software/functions, so they don't break all thing except that software/functions. :)

PS:I might be wrong, so you know. ;D


I forgot about the Adobe Reader, and my security software remind me about it. ;)

Nothing too much to read about it, except you are Enterprise.
Just something like Performance improved for launch it and some feature, vulnerability, and also added "View All" for "Recent files". :)


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You can just using the inbuilt updater as well, as it is much smaller than download the full installer.
But the full installer is still useful to make sure all file is updated completely, and also as a backup for reinstall Windows without re-download them all. ;)


I generally don't use auto updaters options as depending on how the app sets this up .

The whole installer is not big in size, so i do it that way .
Installed fine .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Yup, if your download speed is very fast, choosing full installer than using the updater is much better.
And most of the software also don't reduce the update size at all(or provide partial update), they just push the full installer and silent install/update it.

So in most of the case(except you has a slow download speed like me, or lazy etc), it is better that you download a full installer which provide more install options than a auto update, so it don't doing something strange to your system. ;)


Windows Update has pushed 2 new important update on September 23, 2014, it don't need restart except the file that need to be update is using, like

A September, 2014 time zone update for Russia is available

Some versions of the OneDrive desktop app for Windows do not update automatically
QuoteThis problem occurs because of an incorrect registry key that is for self-update mechanism computers. It causes an AutoUpdater feature to crash.

And also, there is a update that not showing on Windows Update, which is the Adobe Flash Player for IE, and solved some playback failures. :)


Like before, Adobe Flash Player 15,0,0,189 is released. :)

PS:With Office Update, today's update is 1GB


Arial Narrow font updated to new version, you may see some error if you open a doc with old version of the font.

Fixed scrolling issues for Word 2013, and also sync fix

Showing more info about error, and also similar sync fix

Fixed empty folder after repaired onedrive, and also sync fix

Improved Localization(or Language), and DPI >200%

Improved the connection for MAPI over HTTP, fixed big attach will hang outlook

Improved localization for Word 2013


Look like MS also provided patch for Windows 10 preview, but some affected software might not apply.
QuoteAre Windows Technical Preview and Windows Server Technical Preview affected by any of the vulnerabilities that are addressed in this bulletin?
Yes. Security updates are available for Windows Technical Preview and Windows Server Technical Preview. Customers who are running these operating systems are encouraged to apply the update to their systems. The updates are available on Windows Update.

Note In some cases, not every update that is listed for a vulnerability will apply to the affected software that is installed on your system.

Fixed Automatic detect settings or Use automatic configuration script will not expired for IE10/11
QuoteIn windows 8, proxy as a service architecture in which proxy resolution is finished in a service does not respect cache lifetime for automatic proxy configuration file.

After you apply the recent cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer (Wininet) will recheck the proxy service after an hour to make sure that the proxy script is current which account for scripts expiration. Therefore, even if you specify the expiry time of wpad cache that is less than an hour, Internet Explorer will re-download the new auto script only after an hour.

IME can changed with Store for now, with Windows 8.1
QuoteYou cannot press ALT+ ~ (US keyboard) or ALT+ kanji key (JPN keyboard) to turn IME on or off in a Windows Store application in Windows 8.1.

Animated GIF should show the first frame if you disabled animation(Play animations in webpages)

Clicking a navigation link should using in-place navigation, not a new window

Family Safety like 64-bit windows now, and supported it ::)

Increase prominence of Web suggestions for IE11, and removed default domain suggestions(A.K.A. ads)
QuoteIncreasingly, users search the web through the Internet Explorer address bar. To keep up with this growing need, this update increases prominence of web suggestions in Internet Explorer 11 so that you can easily select an appropriate web search suggestion. The changes include the following:

•History and Favorites group headers are not displayed in the suggestions list of the address bar. This lets more suggestions display in the same vertical space.
•For certain queries, there may only be several web suggestions. However, for other more ambiguous queries, more web suggestions may have to be displayed to capture your intent. With this update, the search engine can control how many web suggestions are appropriate for the typed query so that you receive the appropriate number of relevant suggestions.
•Domain suggestions for sites that you never visited before are not displayed (for example, if you type "m" and you had never visited "", it will not be displayed). These domain suggestions did not receive many clicks from you and yet you use valuable real estate. Instead, more relevant suggestions are displayed.

Fixed AutoCAD crash issues(....)

Supported Script files that compressed by using GZIP

Skype crash when a screen reader is active with IE11 installed(what?....)


Fixed vulnerability that can bypass Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), and other vulnerability,


Microsoft Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) supported Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or 1.2

Fixed vulnerabilities while also improved/adds capabilities to determine apps compatibility

Allow user to install .NET 3.5 via Windows Features like normal ::)

Windows Store apps don't update automatically if you are using statically configured Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) file as the proxy

The right Camera should be selected after previewing and reviewing some photo
QuoteThis issue occurs because a variable that determines whether a new camera should be picked to restart is set asynchronously. Therefore, there is a timing issue while the system selects the correct camera.


Nice, they change the ways to list the fixed issues, so it is For Home Users: and For IT Professionals:  ;)

Memory leak when you are playing MP4 by using Microsoft Media Foundation and using Microsoft Application Verifier on that apps(Firefox for example)

OEM store apps should be pinned on the start screen, after out-of-box experience (OOBE) is complete

No longer computer Freeze when you had change the screen orientation before switching to another account(free ice cream, yay!)

We know that you like Loading indicator, so we put it on the HTML5 video player when you change the video speed

Multiple printer icons appear when you unplug a "Canon" printer
QuoteTo resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1.Connect the printer to the computer through USB, and then turn on the printer.
2.Open Devices and Printers in Control Panel.
3.Right-click all the associated printer icons, and then click Remove device.
4.Install update rollup 2995388.
5.Restart the computer.

Your dirty NTFS volume will always need to be scan, even it is scanned

Action Center like to playing the bubble if you don't has connection to the Work Folders ;D

That's all, except more patch is notice by my security software. :)


With a few more vulnerability fixed, Adobe Flash Player is released. ;)
And also Adobe Air

As Microsoft don't prepare the Article fast enough, so there will be some patch missing until it is released. :)

Still, 1GB with Office Update, 1xxMB for just Windows.
And strange enough, no optional update today, not sure what happen...


Fixing Crash.

Lync small update for functions issues

Video freezes consistently with Intel graphic driver

Sharing content will causing memory leak

Page no found. ;D

Searching the "Help" should not open a new window

Improve locale for more accurate meaning

Improve Document Inspector for getting more private data in the office docs.

And, sync issues for OneDrive


Update adds the Document Mode section of Enterprise Mode website lists

"You are about to view pages over a secure connection" warning is not displayed as expected, and it fail to load(with protected mode enabled)

Oops! ::)

Improve performance for SessionStorage

Opps! for Flash Player :P


Vulnerability and vulnerability ;D


Fix for Vulnerability while also fixing crash for apps that using GDI

Fix for Vulnerability for Windows Audio Service :o

A bit too many vulnerability, so you know... ::)

Oops and Oops and Oops!

That's all, except the Oops that I can't open it. :-\

And yes, I has been a bit too tired, so I has doing some lazy update for this one, sorry for that. :)


Still very busy, so...
Anyways, here is the 2 update that are late. :)

Fix the Vulnerability in Kerberos
November 2014 update rollup

QuoteThis update rollup includes the following new features and improvements:
•Refreshed language packs
•Defence-in-depth security and Schannel hardening
•Support for newer hardware (boot order allowance, SD card improvements, USB debugging)
•Improved Web Services for Devices (WSD) printer support during network switches
•Performance and reliability improvements in clustered virtual machine mission-critical environments
•Improved manageability
•Additional hardware support (devices that have third-party disk encryption software enabled can now be upgraded to Windows 8.1 more easily)

This November update rollup also includes all previous updates since our last image update in April 2014. This is a convenient single step to bring Windows clients and servers up to date. Unlike our April update, the November update rollup is not required to be able to continue to receive security or other updates. However, we strongly recommend that you deploy it to Windows clients and servers to benefit from these new features and improvements as well as to prevent many known issues that have been resolved since April. This update is thoroughly tested to the same quality level as our previous service packs. However, unlike service packs, this update does not change the version number and does not deprecate or change any APIs in a manner that would require recertification.

And here is the file size. :)

QuoteWindows8.1-KB3000850-x64.msu - 711.1 MB
Windows8.1-KB3003057-x64.msu - 51.5 MB
Windows8.1-KB3014442-x64.msu - 11.8 MB

BSoD for connect keyboard to Windows RT device

Excel freeze for opening network shared file, because of JP character on folder

BT LE(Bluetooth Low energy) device can't reconnect

Safe Remove icon is gone or missing feature, for some USB 3.0 port (confirm by me 1 day ago, and workaround by using eject function ;D)

OneDrive freeze

Words that typed by using TTS IME can't be showing on OneNote

Some MOV file fail to play(decoder)

Roll up update for Play To(DLNA)

Support AAC and LATM(codec)

Support UHS-1 SD card

Support DRM MPEG4 playback for YouTube :P

Activate issues for using Modern App

Can't connect to WSD printer if set as Public Network(Firewall)

Windows Store should not gone without showing error, when there is no Internet connection

UAC dialog jump up when switching between difference network

Another 0x9F fix for sleep and hibernate

Notification dialog is not high-DPI aware

Text editor with Word Warp crashed when move the cursor to the first line and type a char

Miracast resolution changed after restart or shutdown

A fix for a fix that fixing SD card will cause long time to shut down, and causing fail to enter Connected Standby ;D

Just a IME api fix

Solid lines instead of dotted lines are printed

Fix memory leak for WMP Active X control

Slab consolidation is not completed for defrag

Fix for some MP4 created by Final Cut Pro X can't be play

Fix for some apps that using UDP will causing memory leak

Display identification number may overlap for dual-monitor with difference DPI

These should be most of the interesting patches, I guess. :)


And still very busy... :-\

Anyways, Adobe Flash Player 16,0,0,235 and Adobe Reader X/XI are released

Improves Customer Experience Improvement Program update

Improve the language proofing tools

Disable Hardware acceleration(just like browser) for stability

Fixed sharing season stop if the display resolution is changed

Fixed Thailand characters don't display incorrectly

Fixed for OneDrive that after moving many folder into OneDrive, it will not sync completely

Improvement to Office:
1.Deferred Data Model Update(for Excel)
2.Out-of-Memory improvements(mainly for Excel)
3.Bugs(still mainly for Excel) ::)

Quote•Improves the sign in experience of OneDrive for Business when the authentication has error conditions.
•Improves the Document Inspector so that it covers more hidden properties and personal information in an Excel workbook.
•Improves Customer Experience Improvement Program logs by including additional diagnostic/trouble-shooting information.
•Improves localization to make sure that the meanings are accurate in multiple languages.
Improved account sign in/out, improved font is showing wrongly if the locale is difference with the font language.
Improved network issues that it will hang after you open doc from the internet, and then you disconnect.
Fixed crash if added iCloud Internet Calendar into Outlook.

QuoteImproves the Document Inspector to make sure that the embedded charts are now recognized as embedded documents.
Fixed the key for moving the slide show page stop working in the middle of presentation.
Fixed fail to save if copy chart object from Word to PowerPoint.
Fixed Date and Time field for Table don't update automatic to current date and time.(PowerPoint)
Fixed failed to change the Format Background.(PowerPoint)

Fixed 14 vulnerabilities for IE.
Added warning for fallback to SSL3.0 and also out-of-date blocking feature.
(The SSL 3.0 warning may need to be enabled manually)
PS:Windows 10 Preview might fail to install this update.

Servicing stack update for fixing install/uninstall update issues.

Time zones updated.

Fixed vulnerability for JPEG that decode using hardware acceleration, it can get the information to use with other vulnerability.

November 2014 Language Interface Pack(look like it is optional for few month, then pushed via Windows Update)

Enabled urgent root certificate updates within 24 hours.(or maybe it changed polling from 1 week to 1 day)

Surface Pen that don't showing as Paired but not connected.

For Intel Bay Trail Cost Reduction (CR)-based computer.
After plug in the SD card, hibernate(or shut down with fast startup enabled) and boot up, the connected standby stop working, because of the IRPs is not handle correctly.

----Windows (Optional)
System Center Mobile Device Manager update
QuoteThrough ActiveDirectory-based policies, the product provides the following functions:
Provisioning of device settings: provisioning the managed devices with settings, such as E-mail accounts and access points.
Settings monitoring: setting and verifying the settings of managed devices, gathering diagnostics information and application inventory.
Device security: back up, restore, lock, wipe and set up functionality restrictions for managed devices.
Asset and application management: install/remove, update, gather inventory, version check and the starting or stopping of mobile applications, such as virus protection, encryption and mobile email clients.

December 2014 update rollup

Folder's view settings continuously changes between different folder types in Windows

OneDrive may crash or freeze when it synchronizes some folders

IME can't enable Caplock by double click the shift, while Touch keyboard is enabled

"Or, try entering a passcode on it" link is low-contrast when you add a Bluetooth keyboard

"Device does not exist" error after you reinsert a USB COM port device(Please don't unplug and replug in a short time ;D)

File duration is incorrect in a file that is created by Media Foundation MPEG-4 file sink
If the video is longer than audio, this happen with a standard-compliant Player.

A wireless, high-quality print job to a WSD port is automatically canceled
Because the data to send via all the protocols is too large for them.

"DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (9f)" error if you shut down the computer while you are using the built-in VPN client

Local IP address cannot be registered on DNS server after DNS Client service is restarted
QuoteThis occurs because the DNS client service has an idle time-out, and it restarts on demand when it is needed. This issue occurs when the DNS Client stopped after it is idle (15 minutes default), and then restarts. After the service restarts in Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2, the local IP addresses stop being registered in DNS. Therefore, as the time stamp of the record is not updated, DNS scavenger eventually deletes this record and the server becomes unreachable by DNS name.

Note This issue only occurs if the firewall rule allowing IPv6 Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) traffic is disabled as then the service does not have to listen to the LLMNR traffic. Only then it stops when idle.

Chkdsk command freezes
QuoteThis issue occurs when system metadata or file metadata is corrupted in Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2.

Note The execution of the chkdsk command is expected.

Clock frequency of the SD bus decreases, causing low performance

You cannot access virtual machines that are hosted on Azure hosting services through a VPN connection
QuoteThis issue occurs when the Routing and Remote Access service (RRAS) crashes and gets restarted later.
This issue occurs because the VPN tunnel interface on the gateway is in a corrupted state after RRAS crashes and gets restarted.

Update to change event log text

Windows APN database entries update for DIGI, Vodafone, and Telekom mobile operators, for Romania.
(Interesting, for Malaysian, because we also has DIGI and Telekom here, but it is a difference company. ;))

PIN-protected printing option always shows when you print a document within a Windows Store application
It don't care about did your printer support it or not. ;D
That's all, it has been many busy days for me, except week end. ;)


So, there is a lot of issues for Windows 7 user report that, they are facing issues with root certificate update, you may just install this update. :)


yup, was greeted with this update today .

I didn't have issue with old one, but didn't try an install anything much , driver wise .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Ya, it will affect the update system, so you will unable to uninstall or install newer update or other thing that MS don't tell us.

But anyways, so MS is focusing on Windows 8.1? Or it is a very hidden bug to be found while testing?


the updater can't be to broken, there fix came through ok .

but yes, seems to affect some users but not others , many AMD had issue with Omega driver installing .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Maybe this patch has some workaround to bypass the issues and remove that update. ;)

Ya, it(or the other one that update the database of root certificate to newest) did affect AMD omega driver install, AMD has confirm about this issues, and telling the user to wait for MS to fix it, or just uninstall the update. :)


yes, I was kind of kidding .

I guess the patch was just some script to uninstall patch at some point from closing to next reboot as reboot was needed .
All it seems to have done is remove the update from wed .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Then, trick the update system that, it is replacing the update. ;)


Just a quick and small update with just need the restart of IE or other browser that are using IE core. :)

Fixed some browser failed to showing the dialog correctly(showModalDialog)