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sound problems after using process lasso

Started by williamcole, September 30, 2013, 08:13:35 PM

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first i would like to say that i love process lasso,however i did encounter an incident that i have not yet been able to correct, the story is that once i had been using process lasso on my dell optiplex with XP as my O.S.,while i was looking into my processes,i needed some peace and quiet so i used the all sounds off feature on the process lasso and it worked all the sounds completely stopped but when i tried to turn it back on nothing happened,even the volume icon is missing from the system tray, and now in the device manager there is a yellow(!) in front of the audio driver,i have tried everything from cleaning my pc registry,running my anti-virus software, installing new  :'(drivers, updating the ones already installed, all this happened in the middle of march and to this day i still have no sound, i have come to the conclusion that it must have something to with the process lasso, it is my fault i know but can anyone please help me, you can hook into my computer remotely if need be,thank you all so very much, william cole


The "All sound off" of the Process Lasso only turn off the PL sound, it don't really turn off the sound card.

But anyways, what's happen when you tried to uninstall and delete the sound card driver?
And it is a bit more harder to solve this issue on Windows XP, as it don't using Driver Store.

And what's error code that showing when you check the properties of sound card?

Jeremy Collake

Yes, BenYeeHua is correct, the Process Lasso option 'All sounds off' applies only to Process Lasso - which can optionally play a sound when a ProBalance event is taken.

Process Lasso has no feature or function that touches the system sound configuration, volume, or any settings.

So, I'm going to guess that maybe you changed some other system setting to turn off your sound completely, and that is the system setting that needs restored.
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