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[request feature] addition on process to keep running

Started by guy960915, October 13, 2013, 09:38:38 AM

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[request feature] addition on "process to keep running"

first off, this is an awesome software  ;D, thank you.

I have a multi-seat configuration on my PC (2 user config), there's an app that i need running in the background at all times,
at start-up, the application executes and quietly runs in the background, on both users at the same time,
now if user1 closed/exited/terminated that app it will not execute again, i think it's because process lasso is
still detecting the app that was executed on user2. note: this app can be run on both users at the same time.

i need a feature that will not just detect if the app is running, it should also detect the user who's running it,
this way i can configure the "process to keep running" per user.

hope my request will be granted  ;D

thank you for this awesome software.

Jeremy Collake

Sure, I can handle this pretty easily, and will do so.

In other rules for Process Lasso, we've used a format where the user context can be appended to a process name. For instance, 'notepad.exe:Jeremy'.

So, I will expand Keep Running so that it allows a user context. I'll report here when this is complete.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.