Can anything be done for System Idle Process on an HP Elite Book 8460p?

Started by danielson, November 18, 2014, 09:01:10 AM

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I have noisy but rock solid HP Elitebook 8460p installed on a 120G SSD but the System Idle Process makes the fan go off every once in a while and sometimes more than i would really like. Although it seems to be (according link here below) something "normal" for that make, just wondering what Process Lasso might be able to do for it?


Jeremy Collake

The fan is activating in response to your CPU temperature. Lasso can not reduce your CPU temperature or change the behavior of the CPU fan. Some BIOSes and specialized software like AMD's Overdrive will allow you to control when the fan becomes active, but the default profile is normally to keep it as quiet as possible. Thus, if you were to further limit the fan, the CPU would overheat.

If you truly just can't live with the fan and are willing to compromise system performance, then you can reduce the maximum CPU frequency allowed in the Power Options. It's a setting for each power profile. 'Maximum Processor State' (as a percent). Lowering it to 80 or so will slow your CPU, but keep it cooler during high loads.
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