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Defrag an SSHD?

Started by bertie97, February 04, 2015, 05:30:54 AM

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I know defrag is bad news for SSDs but what about SSHD? 
The hybrid has a chunk of both storage mediums.
Anyone know about the best approach or if there is a defragger designed to adjust for the medium its working on?


Defrag will reset the cache in the SSD partition, which will hurt performance short term. I don't think the SSD actually gets defraged. Still, don't do it often. I did it once every six months or so with a full defrag and optimization to move files to the front of the disc. If it is your OS drive, use VSS [shadow copy] compatibility mode.

Jeremy Collake

Nice answer thegreatsquare.

The worst thing you can do is use any third-party application that may not be aware of SSHDs, but most likely the driver or firmware of SSHD has protections against improper defragmentation attempts.

Just let the OS (if Win7 or above) handle it. It'll do so automatically by default. No need to do it manually. Just let it be.
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