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Click on graph, jump to process(es)

Started by Coldblackice, May 02, 2015, 01:43:15 AM

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Can we get the ability to click on the graph at a certain point and then have the bottom panel scroll to that process/point in time? And when clicking a probalanced bar, it highlights that specific process. Even cooler would be the ability to click-and-drag across a chunk of graph-time, and then have the bottom window scroll and highlight/select any processes during that time range (open/close/probalance/trim/etc).


Yes, That is something to think about . what would be needed is rolling history saved so you could go back and see what happened .
I have no idea on resources that would be needed but other app do this on hardware monitoring , but here were looking at process monitor and there state at that time .
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Jeremy Collake

You will see something similar in Process Lasso at some point. It may not be as you envision it, but there is a concrete plan here, but I don't want to reveal it yet. Once it's closer to done, I'll start talking. Just note that I'm on it ;).
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