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Watchdog, is this possible?

Started by Marctraider, May 12, 2015, 01:13:44 PM

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Hi all.

First of all great little program right here.
I have a question about process lasso.

I know with Watchdog it is possible to execute a certain program etc
What I'm trying to do is I have an nvidia card and use inspector to force it on low power or high(adaptive)

So far i managed to make it execute the program when CPU usage is >1% for like a second and puts the GPU on higher performance mode. But I'm unsure how to proceed after this. Now I want to make watchdog execute the low profile setting for my GPU whenever the game process is ended.

But I dont think this is possible ? The best I can do is when CPU usage is below 1% it executes the low profile GPU setting, but when you close the game manually this doesnt work ofcourse.

Any possibility for a function like this? When Process exists/no longer exists -> execute

Jeremy Collake

Yes, certainly you should be able to do this. Let me give this some thought. The watchdog area is a target of current refactoring, so a whole new interface will be available one day. Until then, let me think a bit, and probably I will add an 'execute on terminate' option.
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I think the whole watchdog idea in PL is very powerful, but there probably should be more examples and 'templates' about what can actually be done with it.
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Jeremy Collake

Probably so. Maybe community members can help with that.
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If I understand him right , he wants to change the power states of the profile with Nvidia GPU (not CPU ,this is driver/bios related ) .
He wants to have like P00 , P02, P05 an P08 (lower number higher performance state ) .
Now I think Inspector can make OC profile shortcuts with power states (I think ), so you could execute these at certain times , but In my mind having a GPU% usage for a status point in watchdog would make something like this usable .

I have no idea how hard, I know PE has GPU% graph so I guess it possible but how much would it be used, that would be question .
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