[solved] Small cosmetic fix :)

Started by TfH, November 06, 2010, 10:29:41 AM

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I've been thinking to say this earlier, but i didn't have enough time even for this small thread..

In about box, visit developer button is slighlty too big. It goes ~1mm over border :)


4.00.09 RC1 beta....looks precisely flush with the border here.....could this be dependant on your screen resolution??


Hmm, tested with differenet resolution and it wasn't that what caused it.

Culprit was my theme... when Aero themes are in use, button looks OK. But when stripped Windows Classic theme is in use, button goes over border.

I hate idea of using eye candy theme, IMO it takes too much resources ( i know it don't, but still ). My desktop looks like Windows 98, and near all who visits me ask: "why on earth you still use W98?"  ::)

I have that lovely default green color from Windows 98SE as my background color. No force on earth can make me put some wallpaper   ;D

EDIT: changed to W7 blue :)

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the clue, I will work on it.. or kill that button one ;)
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NP :)

BTW: Now that button looks really good. I like it better than previous version :)