How to change default Power Profile?

Started by Davvid, November 01, 2018, 06:02:28 AM

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I don't know if I can't just see something obvious and then I'm sorry to bug you but it's driving me crazy :) How could I change default Windows 10 Power Profile for Process Lasso? Every time PL executes ProcessGovernor.exe changes my Power Profile to Balanced no matter what profile was originally set. What I want to achieve is to have Ryzen Balanced plan as a default in Process Lasso.



Hi, If PL is changing the defaults, then there probably is a process or feature/option set up to run a specific power plan (normally BHP power plan).
1) First, you can alter default power plans either right click on PL tray icon >active power plan or from the main menu of PL. Note this is the same as going to control panel and changing default power plan, this should stick except for the below options.

2) Open menu options>performance mode and uncheck BHP power plan if you don't want that plan with high workloads.

3)Also, do the same for configure application power profiles if you added any, edit the plan if not default.

4) If you are using Idlesaver, make sure the proper power plans are set that you want.

5)If rare case BHP is not best and somehow is conflicting with AMD software or power plan, you can uninstall BHP power plan. You can always install it back easy too. There is an option toggle for that in menu >options> performance mode options.

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Thanks for your help.

Yeah, your point#1 is what I first thought was supposed to work but it always after each reboot stubbornly restored to that Balanced profile. Funny thing all the other modes you mentioned (BHP, or Power Saver via IdleSaver) work flawlessly. Ultimately I managed to fix this by hard way :) I deleted prolasso.ini and let it recreate. Now it sticks to my chosen power profile. It must have been some glitch in configuration I guess.


Ok, sounds like you enabled something in the ini (saved settings).
removing or starting a new profile will get you back to defaults.

I know PL has a lot of features and like anything, best to go slow so you see what results are for each change.

Glad it worked out in the end :)
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