PL upgrade does not work well

Started by ranko, November 01, 2019, 04:39:47 PM

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Windows 7, installed as service.
Have a separate Administrator user, got asked for the password.
But then ...

Extracting files to "C:\Program Files\Process Lasso" folder
Extracting from pl4sfx.exe
Cannot create ProcessGovernor.exe
Cannot create pl_rsrc_english.dll

Then it doesn't finalize, seems to become stuck. Is giving this output message and no further progress:
Extracting QuickUpgrade.exe.Replacement

The upgrade which came in just by today ...
Xeon E5-1680v4 | Supermicro X10SRi-F | 64GB DDR4 ECC | MSI RTX4070 Ventus | X710-DA2 | Win10 Pro 22H2

Jeremy Collake

Were you updating from a recent beta or the last final version? That will help narrow down on the likely cause of the failure.

In the interim, you should run the full installer again to ensure version consistency of files. No need to uninstall first, just run it over-top.
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