Suggestion about PL interface (simple vs Expert mode) & Update

Started by Nico, February 11, 2011, 04:25:53 PM

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HI Jeremy,

I don't know if this has ever been suggested but has you ever though of having a Process Lasso GUI using a "simple mode" display with a possibility to switch to an "Expert mode" ?

The "Simple mode" display would hide all the possible settings to only show the minimum settings and display in a smaller window. For the "Expert mode" display, just leave as it is now.

I am suggesting this only because I am wondering if for a someone who is not technically minded, he may be confused with too many possible option.

The other suggestion is about the update process to have a possibility to only be notified with major update (e.g 4.00.xx to 4.1.xx)

Kind Regards

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Jeremy Collake

Yes, and plan to do just that as HotRod points out. That will be the third (though first in ordering) tab. I am working on this for v5, one of many improvements.

Man, I can't wait to issue a new beta update after you guys get v4.09.23 beta, so you can try out the new automatic updater. I also hope it works, as I barely tested it before throwing it out there. I didn't even finish putting the status bar on it ;o.
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