Author Topic: Process Lasso v3.10 Released  (Read 9682 times)

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Process Lasso v3.10 Released
« on: September 26, 2008, 09:48:26 PM »
This release of Process Lasso substantially cleans up the menu items and dialogs. It furthermore renames 'out of control process restraint' to 'ProBalance'. Lastly, this version adds a new feature to delete a process's executable at the next system boot. This may help some users who are combating malware processes and are unable to delete them while the system is booted.

  • Addition.GUI: Added capability to delete a running process's executable at the next system boot. This is for malware and such that you may otherwise have a hard time getting rid of.
  • Change.GUI: Renamed out-of-control process restraint to 'ProBalance'.
  • Change.GUI: Removed 'beep when priority is restored' menu item. It is still in the ProBalance config dialog.
  • Change.GUI: Re-arranged process context menu items, creating a 'Misc Advanced' menu with trim, restart, and other functions.
  • Change.GUI: Removed 'Aggressively trim GUI RAM' menu option, as part of streamlining effort. This setting can still be manually changed in the INI file.
  • Change.GUI: Disabled Russian and Polish translations because they are out of date (my fault).
  • Change.GUI: Added the word 'Current' to 'CPU Affinity' submenu heading in the process context menu, to better differentiate between the current and default affinities.
  • Change.GUI: Consolidated View menu.
  • Change.GUI: Removed, renamed, and relocated other menu items.
  • Change.GUI: Cleaned up every dialog. Fixed errant titles. Fixed bad formatting. Fixed language errors.
  • Change.InstallHelper: Changed first config dialog title.
  • Addition.InstallHelper: Added a little security icon to the Vista UAC settings and path over-ride dialog.


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