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Started by BenYeeHua, August 14, 2013, 04:35:32 AM

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So, only 8 patch(6 for Vulnerability, excluding Flash Player) today for Windows, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air, no Office, IE or any other Microsoft product. :)

And, Windows 7 ended its mainstream support, started its extended support.

----Windows Vulnerability Fix
For WER(Windows Error Reporting)

For kernel mode driver

For TS WebProxy Windows component

For Windows User Profile Service (ProfSvc)

For Network Location Awareness service which relaxed the Firewall that allowed more chance to attack

For Windows Application Compatibility cache, which the information about how to using it is being released by Google

That's all, most of the Vulnerability is beyond my knowledge to telling more information about it. :)


Look like we has some critical update for Adobe, but you can "only" update it by using auto-update from Adobe, until January 26.
It should update your Adobe Flash Player to, and for IE(Windows 8+) and Chrome user, please waiting Windows or Google push the update, or just download the PPAPI version for your Chrome.... :)

For user that like to disable auto-update like me, you can just enable Click to Play or ActiveX filtering to only run it when you need it... :P

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-0311) exists in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows and Macintosh.  Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.  We are aware of reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild via drive-by-download attacks against systems running Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows 8.1 and below.

UPDATE (January 24): Users who have enabled auto-update for the Flash Player desktop runtime will be receiving version beginning on January 24. This version includes a fix for CVE-2015-0311. Adobe expects to have an update available for manual download during the week of January 26, and we are working with our distribution partners to make the update available in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11. For more information on updating Flash Player please refer to this post.

Edit:People on MozillaZine has telling me other source to get the latest installer, and here it is. :)
PS:Sadly, it don't provide PPAPI version...
On the other side, If you are like to run Java Online Installer, please be aware that, if you are doing that in China, you will receive Baidu's Family(China version, like Anti-virus or other software) as there are some CDN or ISP injected/changed the page that it will be loading, or the file that Java will be downloaded.

And yes, Baidu's software China version(not international, they only do this once in past.) are malware, so far if you got one of their software, then you will receive the Baidu Anti-virus which you can't uninstall it.(Yes, they will come back after a restart, and it is hard to clean it.) >:(


Some update, Microsoft released the new update for Adobe, you should also get the latest version for Chrome. :)


New update for Adobe(v16.0.0.305), which is fixing the drive-by-download attacks, you should update it now.
I guess it is a hard days for Adobe. :)


No Adobe Flash Player update today, lucky.

Anyways, time for another Tuesday update. :)

----Office 2013
Fixed Excel bugs like "There was a problem sending the command to the program.", I wonder why I also facing this issues many times... :P

Fixed Security Feature Bypass, which can be a vulnerability if used correctly

When JP IME has enabled with Windows 7, it need to click "OK" twice to print

Improves users’ ability to select partial instant messages from conversation history, Lync 2013

QuoteImproves the integration of OneDrive and other Office 2013 applications so that conflict issues are handled better.

Improved PowerPoint recording feature and insert picture function

Fixed two-step verification issues, and some performance issues for Office Store and Apps? ???

Quote•Improves the integration of OneDrive and the other Office 2013 applications so that conflict issues are handled better.
•Fixes the issue in which the MSOSync.exe process may stop responding during initialization process because the sync progress fails.

Improved feature for Catalan, Scottish Gaelic and Valencian language.

Quote•Improves reliability when you work with an Access database where the file size exceeds the 2GB limit in Access 2013.
•Improves the integration of OneDrive and other Office 2013 applications so that conflict issues are handled better.
•Improves reliability of Microsoft Office 2013 Upload Center.

Improve OneDrive or sync issues

QuoteImproves the user experience by letting you select partial text instead of a whole line or paragraph of text in a RichEdit field.

Note Currently, when you try to select some text in a RichEdit field, such as the Lync IM conversation window, it is easy to accidentally have a whole line or paragraph of text selected. After you install this hotfix, you can disable this behavior.

Enable copy-protection for the Facebook contacts folder in Outlook 2013, and better compatibility with Office 365, Click-to-Run

QuoteFixes the issue in which an existing Power View report becomes blank when you interact with the report in Excel 2013 on a computer that has a decimal separator set to a comma (",").

Improve OneDrive reliability for file conflicts and localization

Improve localization for Indonesian language

Improve tablet experience by using the most recent window size and position

Improve the stability for playing animation, and the localization of the copyright information for the screen recorder

Improve localization for Brazilian, Indonesian, Swedish and Kyrgyz

Improved compatibility with words, incorrect print preview and unicode issues for Word(And also some Outlook issues)

Another time for IE security update. ;)

Fixed one publicly disclosed and forty privately reported vulnerabilities.

Fixed issues with showModalDialog

Disable SSL 3.0 by default for protected mode, which is Internet and restricted site, except Intranet site(like modem or internal company website)
And the setting is here.

QuoteThis update package contains Group Policy Administrative Template resource files (inetres.adml) for Internet Explorer.

Secure Channel cumulative update changes TLS protocol renegotiation and fallback behavior
QuoteApplications or services that use the Secure Channel (SChannel) security support provider, such as Internet Explorer, may incorrectly negotiate to non-Microsoft website hosts by using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Therefore, the affected application may not establish a connection or may be instructed to negotiate the use of a less-secure protocol such as Secure Sockets Layer protocol version 3.0 (SSL 3.0).

This issue occurs because some third-party implementations of the TLS protocol do not correctly negotiate when empty TLS extensions are present at the end of the extension list.
Simple English, it make sure it will use TLS first, for some server. :)

QuoteThis security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. The vulnerability could allow security feature bypass if an attacker, by way of a man-in-the-middle attack, causes the Group Policy Security Configuration Engine policy file on a targeted system to become corrupted or otherwise unreadable. This results in the Group Policy settings on the system to revert to their default, and potentially less secure, state.
Fixed vulnerability in Group Policy, that can be created by corrupt the policy file, and it will revert the settings to default. :P

Resolves one publicly disclosed and five privately reported vulnerabilities, the most important one is the embedded TrueType font which often used by website

Resolves vulnerability that attacker can get system info by using website that having TIFF image

Fixed lack of impersonation-level security checks to elevate privileges during process creation, which causing giving Admin right to the process
QuoteAn elevation of privilege vulnerability exists in Microsoft Windows when it fails to properly validate and enforce impersonation levels. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could bypass impersonation-level security checks and gain elevated privileges on a targeted system. This vulnerability can be exploited only in the specific scenario where the process uses SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege, which is not available for normal processes.

Fixed Windows Activation don't works, caused by Task Scheduler don't start the events correctly
QuoteThis issue occurs because the Task Scheduler does not correctly trigger events including the rescheduling of events when the computer is started after an overdue task. Therefore, the Software Protection Platform service (sppsvc.exe) does not start.

Corrects an APN entry for the Velcom operator

That's all, except one that has been pulled back.
(With some info for the windows update, like

Update rollup for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Because of many people don't installed Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime, this "update"(It should be installer) failed to install, and hang the whole processes to update.

I guess they don't set the timeout if some patch are hang? :P

You can download and install this first if you really want to install this rollup. :D

PS:And ya, this patch are there since October 14, 2014, so it is a bit strange to see it getting push today...
PS2:Some people saying this patch hang because of the agreement requirement, it is waiting you to agree it.
PS3:People that install it manually facing it is waiting the Windows Explorer to be killed before it start install, so...

They may be pushed the wrong patch I think?

Fixed a ASLR bypass for JScript9.dll


Just relax too much, so I don't saw there is a Windows Update. ::)

Just a Office patch fix mainly for Windows RT, which causing it can't launch.

And you may careful when you are having a Levono laptop, they has bundle a adware/malware that will causing MITM, of I should said that they installed a custom cert for them to MITM, and their cert has been cracked.


I guess I should looking on the computer but not going to brush my teeth, as it was causing me to miss some update. ::)
It is just for changing the currency symbol of Lithuania from the Lithuanian litas (Lt) to the euro (â,¬), and yup, it should be important for Lithuanian people. :)

PS:You need to restart the computer to complete the update.


Quote from: BenYeeHua on February 27, 2015, 05:38:41 PM
I guess I should looking on the computer but not going to brush my teeth, as it was causing me to miss some update. ::)
It is just for changing the currency symbol of Lithuania from the Lithuanian litas (Lt) to the euro (â,¬), and yup, it should be important for Lithuanian people. :)

PS:You need to restart the computer to complete the update.
That update shown up on the 25th for me, Win7 Pro .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Yup, but the Windows Update always don't notice you when it has a new update/push, by using the notification.
(but they always force restart after you installed the update)
They just notice you with the yellow color texts on the bottom right corner when the system is booting, which is most people are going to make some drinks or coffees. ;)
(They also reporting it via the Action Center, but who gonna click it when it don't change the icon...)

I hope they are adding this feature for Windows 10 notification, as the notification is only used by Modern apps, and also a few desktop apps for reporting the boot time. :P


Java SE 8u40 released, but it is just improvement, not vulnerabilities fix, and no Flash Player update today. :)

And the Windows 8+ rollup update has been stop provided, they just change it to many small patch, so it is much more easier to disable/uninstall just a single fix, not the whole rollup. ;)
---Office 2013
Fixed crash for download image canceled if attached to Outlook 2013, and also the shared URL for doc are not sent in IM

Fixed Active-X not being working well(stop running, can't insert it)

Fixed Powerpoint slow down when containing many large CMYK JPEG, and also no thumbnail for the image
QuoteNote After you install this update, you can improve the performance by compressing the CMYK JPEG images by using the Compress Pictures feature on the Picture Tools Format contextual tab.

Still improving the Customer Experience Improvement Program, not sure which data they are collecting.

Improve the English and Welsh proofing tools and spelling lexicon

Improved compatibility to update the data models created with Excel 2010 PowerPivot add-in

Improve compatibility with SkyDrive to OneDrive, stability of OneDrive

Improve locale of multi-language

Same like about, along with user experience for dialog/warning, better keyboard and Windows Narrator support and also a lot of fix for many difference network environment, for Outlook

Fixed linkin Outlook Social Connector add-in not loaded when started Outlook, by default

----IE 11

Open a MHTML (.mht) file on the internet might getting script error because of the latency or other network issues

XHR may not function well in IE 11

Fail to browsing the Internet for some VPN

Improve JIT compatibility for running the website in mode other than Edge(IE11)

Web based apps crash after installed IE10/11

Browsing slow down when using PAE
QuoteThis is caused when Internet Explorer 11 sometimes queries for a domain name that begins with the "dummy" word.

Improved the blocking for out-of-date Active-X if UAC is disabled

Failed to send Trident/4.0 user-agent string if IE is in Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View Mode

Support compressed list for out-of-date Active-X, for faster download(and smaller space?)

Improve Site Discovery function

Fixed clicking the "Click to Run" for out-to-date Active-X not running for iframe

Double-byte space is not displayed as expected ???

Improve performance for quirks-mode table content

Tabs and address bar are hidden and cannot be displayed in the full-screen view

----Windows 8.1
Update Adobe Flash Player to

Windows Task Scheduler that allow limited process launch files that they don't has permission

Adobe Font Driver Vulnerability

Remote Desktop protocol DoS for not releasing the memory

Windows Photo Decoder that allow attacker to get information with JPEG XR (.JXR) image

like above, but with PNG image


Fixed printing wizard stop working if you are playing with "number of copies" ;D

Default program associations for roamed users might lost

Not allowed to safely remove the USB device, only the USB hub

Incorrect lock screen displayed

Fixed crash for checking the spelling and also not allow to enter ALT codes for login screen?

Surface Pro 3, the Tab key don't switch the cursor to next box, for login screen?

Multi-touch stop working after you launched calc.exe  ;D

Improve/Update for WD, and also added new registry settings for reports
QuoteThis update also includes a deprecation of the DisableGenericReports registry entry under the following registry subkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Reporting
This deprecation should not affect existing telemetry options. You may want to review Windows Defender settings to make sure that they reflect your desired options.

Reliability improvements, for which typical use? :P

Improve Bluetooth driver diagnosis, did someone still using it on a laptop, other than WiFi? ???

Stop error 0x0000009F
when resumes from sleep mode, so much fix for 0x9F since Windows 8... :P
QuoteCause 1
This problem occurs because the NDIS driver does not handle power state transition requests correctly when power management is disabled on a Teredo tunnel adapter or an IPHTTPS tunnel adapter.

Cause 2
This problem occurs because the power state transition fails on the Wi-Fi network adapter, which triggers a time-out in the monitoring thread.

Improve Compatibility for apps that depend on the layout of memory

Windows Store App can't set the printer property, because of the limited permission

And Finally! :D
If you pin then unpin the software that are showing the windows on the taskbar, the right click stop showing up.

Fixed black screen for showing Camera and Touch Keyboards at the same time, after you clicked power button two times

0x00000119 for ARM device, if using software that using DirectX to captures screen shots continuously

Added APN Y!Mobile and Truphone

Fixed Windows Store apps crash
•Cut The Rope
•HP ALL-in-One Printer Remote
•Canon Inkjet Print Utility
•Microsoft Solitaire Collection
•Adobe Reader Touch
•Asphalt 8: Airborne
•Microsoft Mahjong

It was a very long list, was not it? :)


So, Adobe Flash Player version for Firefox(NPAPI) and Chromium(PPAPI) has been released, along with Adobe Air
I guess there are some slowdown for the Adobe webpage, because they want to make sure all CDN has their newest released version first, to save bandwidth. :)


Quote from: BenYeeHua on March 12, 2015, 05:27:50 PM
So, Adobe Flash Player version for Firefox(NPAPI) and Chromium(PPAPI) has been released, along with Adobe Air
I guess there are some slowdown for the Adobe webpage, because they want to make sure all CDN has their newest released version first, to save bandwidth. :)
there also a beta I DL yesterday (didn't install yet) .
Bitsum QA Engineer



A few update pushed as optional update.

Skype update/install (lol, but finally you can update Skype via Windows Update. ::))
QuoteTo make it simple and fast for Skype users to upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Windows, we have integrated Skype into Windows Update. If you have Skype installed on your PC already, either directly from

or through a preinstalled version on your PC, you will receive the latest version of Skype through Windows Update.

and also IME fix
Not needed for Windows 8+ as they will auto update everyday, but you can install this if you has a bad network, this is for Digital Certificates. ;)
QuoteThe issue was caused by MCS Holdings, a subordinate CA, improperly issuing domain certificates to entities other than their owners. The MCS Holdings authority is subordinated to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), which is a CA present in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store.

So yup, this is for remove this cert, you may receive this as high priority update if you are using Anti-virus from China. :)


Just some April 7 optional update that allow the user to upgrade to Windows 10, just like Windows 8.1 ;)
And also fixed a shutdown issues.

Fixed shutdown issues with Fast Startup enabled

Update that support you to upgrade to later windows

Compatibility check for upgrade to later windows


GTA 5 released with bug that it can't be launched, and also some corrupt after running for a few hours.
So, let us back to topic. ;)

Edit:Adobe Flash Player for IE has been released, while Adobe Reader XI has become Adobe Reader DC, and you need to upgrade it manually. ;)
Adobe Flash Player released, while Java SE 8u45 also released, both of them are to fix vulnerabilities.

Windows released again December 2014, but it may BSoD if you install this patch with Kaspersky installed(as it is still showing on the known bug), so be careful if you want to install rollup patch, you may update Kaspersky to latest version first. :)

PS:It is a December 2014 update rollup, with only KB3004545 included into it. :)
PS2:Somehow my Bluetooth device works again after update, it was failed to connect successful because of USB. ;)
Improve translate of Office

Added latest Portuguese Brazilian grammar to improve Portuguese Brazilian proofing tool.

"Upgrade" Lync 2013 to Skype for Business, with some bug like
1.Memory leak with 5 MB file transfer
2.High CPU usage even animation emoticons is disabled.
3."Copy" and "Select All" is not showing up in menu without http:// will not clickable

Improved speed for search function of Outlook 2013

When you create a scatter (X, Y) chart that contains smooth lines in Excel 2013, Excel 2013 may crash.

When you use OneDrive for Business to synchronize a document library that contains deep folder structures, you may experience an unrepairable issue.

1.When you open a presentation (.ppt) that contains master content (for example, a shape includes a shape) in PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2013 crashes.
2.When you use a mouse to switch slides in a presentation by using the presenter view in PowerPoint 2013, it does not switch to the next slide immediately, and there is a delay of some seconds.


After ticking Automatically detect settings, it may repeat download proxy routing script because it has been discarded before it has been reused.

You need to double click to select input field if it is a iframe inside a iframe

access fault occurs for website that having table contents

Vulnerability Fix for .NET 3.5 and above

Vulnerability Fix

Vulnerability fix for http request

QuoteMicrosoft is announcing the availability of a defense-in-depth update that improves the authentication that is used by the Public Key Cryptography User-to-User (PKU2U) security support provider (SSP) in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows RT 8.1. The improvement is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of security controls in Windows.

----Windows update roll up(Optional)

Fixed Azure VM can't be access through VPN connection.


There is a small change that I don't notice, the is now HTTPS.  ;)

Anyways, here is the 20 Windows 8.1 optional update, and be aware that a lot of patches will be overwrite by Language Pack, so you will need to re-patch them.
Supported to copy *.mkv files into Windows Phone

Auto brightness stop working after you open PC settings

Fixed InputPersonalization.exe process crashes, but don't install language pack after installed this update, or the language pack will overwrite this update

Enable the Diagnostics Tracking Service to collects data about functional issues in Windows components

Fixed Wi-Fi issues for Intel Cherry Trail (CHT)-based computer
QuoteThis issue occurs because the CHT platform has the following hardware limitations:
•Touch the CMD and DAT inhibit bits during the tuning procedure causes the tuning to fail.
•The Preset Value Enable bit does not work with some Wi-Fi modules.

Write once Blu-ray media (BD-R) disk can't be used for system image backup
QuoteThis issue occurs because the initialization of the status in the Udfs.sys file is incorrect.

Ultra High Speed Class 3 (UHS-3) card can't be detected by MS Surface
QuoteThis issue occurs because Microsoft Surface does not support the speed of SDR104 (104 MBps). Surface only supports up to SDR50 or DDR50.

Desktop shortcut menu may not work as expected on a multiple monitor system that uses high DPI setting
QuoteThis issue occurs on a system together with multiple monitors that use high DPI (dots per inch) setting. The display mode set to Extend, and the primary monitor has a higher resolution than the secondary monitor. In this situation, when you select an item from the desktop shortcut menu, the shortcut menu may not work as expected or close.

Layout of Cambria font is different in Word documents when the text metric changes, and this will also be overwrite by language pack too

"Date taken" information(in the EXIF, taken by using Android camera) showing blank for Windows Explorer(because difference android camera apk has difference ways to write the EXIF format)

Clicking Ctrl key don't stop the Narrator reading

Microsoft Project Siena crashes when you use galleries in the application

"Description cannot be found" error in event logs in Event Viewer

"Paired" text is not translated correctly in Korean when you disconnect a paired Bluetooth device

0x0000009F when using Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio and Call Control HID Enumerator driver, because of the driver deadlock

"0x0000009F" Stop error when two USB devices connected, because of the driver deadlock

Secure Channel (Schannel) improvement
QuoteBefore you install the update, Local Security Authority (LSA) crash issues may occur.

That's all. :)


Look like the update has pushed on April 28, 2015, which is Windows 8 Optional update.

April 2015 servicing stack update

Update that determine whether to migrate/installing the .NET Framework 1.1 on Windows 10

Correction for Cubic Mobile and Verizon Wireless APN

Fixed crash for Virtual Machine that using Kernel Mode Display-Only Driver (KMDOD)

Compatibility update that blocked mostly USB xHCI controller driver for Windows Vista - 7, as Windows 8+ has xHCI controller driver natively
QuoteBehavior after you install the update
Storage devices that are connected to the Microchip hub works correctly after safe removal.
Embedded scanner under xHCI controller works correctly.
Eliminate the AV_USBXHCI!Bulk_Transfer_CompleteCancelable crash.

Update that provide more information for sending "0x00000113" BSoD minidump to the Windows Error Reporting (WER) server, then analysis by Online Crash Analysis (OCA) server

That's all, after I excluded the Skype update, which show nothing about the update. ;)


So, I hear some news that Windows 10 will provide 3 difference update mechanism, slow ring(1 push per month), fast ring(push ASAP?) and also insider(beta?).
So I guess the boot time for Win 10 will be increased to 3 minutes every weeks. ;D

Anyways, look like MS has updated the design for MS Support, I would said that it is a bit too big, as normally the page will full with words.
Adobe Flash Player has been updated to, while Adobe Air has been updated to

---Silverlight 5
Microsoft Silverlight 5 has been updated to 5.1.40416.0, and the change is you can't uninstall easier the offline App that made by using Silverlight.
QuoteChanges in this security update
After you apply this security update in Windows, you cannot uninstall a standard (unelevated) out-of-browser application by starting it, right-clicking it, and then selecting Remove this application. The command is no longer displayed. You have to uninstall the out-of-browser application from the Programs and Features item in Control Panel.

---Office 2013 vulnerabilities

---Office 2013
Can't print for PPT anymore, if you cancel the print when it is printing

·Printing doc with more than 1 paper size will causing incorrect page size
·You can't drag the files or other thing into Words correctly
·Sometimes print preview stop working because of protected form fields
·Compare a difference docs, than save and reopen it will causing some table missing or showing up

QuoteWhen you format text direction to right-to-left in a document in Word 2013, garbled text is displayed in table cells that contain hidden paragraph marks.

Improved UI with OneDrive

Fixed Print preview for Windows 8.1 with System locale as Thai

Failed to copy some HTML content

·Sync the file might crash the apps
·Exit the Excel 2013 might bite the CPU

Access crash because of using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) languages to update the value of a combo box or a list that has a record source

Fixed some add-ins issues, like can't type any words in a text box of an Office Add-in with PowerPoint

Improve a lot of thing for Outlook

Improve Facebook provider compatibility of Outlook 2013 for Outlook 2010

Fixed Set Picture as Background function for OneNote

Improve for Project

---.Net vulnerabilities
Truetype font

Error for install security update, even it is installed correctly

Allowed install of Search Provider and Home Page(lol, that's why I can't install Google Search for IE)

Using Proxy causing fail for auth

Fail to using IME to input text

The F12 Emulation has missing User agent etc because of roaming user profile

To supports Enterprise Site Discovery to collect data

---Windows Vulnerability
Font driver vulnerability

Windows Journal

Windows Service Control Manager (SCM)

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR) bypass

Microsoft Management Console file format DoS

Schannel that allow info disclosure


Just the Optional update for Windows 8.1, and also a update for update notifications. :)

Windows Update notifications, might be enabled for Windows 10.
This issue occurs because Register_ControllerStop only waits for four milliseconds (ms) instead of 16 ms when eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) tries to stop the controller.
Fixed for AMD CPU with USB controller will BSoD after resume from sleep mode

"Access denied" for setting printing settings, because of not having Admin right

Some windows store apps showing strange text because of using 2 difference fonts.

Fixed software crash by using AddEntry

Improve the security for D3D9 RAST(It should be D3D 9 WARP, if I am right)

Corrected SaskTel (Canada) APN

That's all. :)
Forgotten one, you might facing 1 more idle Task, after you installed the patch for improving the Compatibility system.

Jeremy Collake

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


And be ready for Windows 10 Update, I guess I will need to be waiting, as I am having the HD4000, which might not getting WDDM 2.0, and causing me can't update to Windows 10.....

Anyways, 3 update has been push for Windows 10 upgrade compatibility, or taking some new feature from Windows 10 into Windows 8.1. :)
Improve the compatibility checking for upgrading to Windows 10

Improved upgrade system, reducing the log level(detail or logging) for Windows Update, and also Driver sets that updated from Windows Update will not processed after shutdown

Improve the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)(I think it collect the issues while/after you are upgrading to Windows 10)

That's, be ready for Windows 10 at the end of the month, if the Intel graphic card driver catch up.... :P


When windows 10 does come out. Would you have to install all of your programs again? Is it some kind of fresh install? I have 8 drives, with programs installed on certain drives. How would this work? I have never done an upgrade like this before.   Yeah....I'm a nooob...LOL!  ;D


You should get a option to either upgrade, on top of what you have Win7/Win8.1 or do fresh install .
The later you would lose all programs .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Yup, it provided 2 choose, keep your software and files or just keep your "My Document" folder. ;)


Another day for update, this might be the last 2 month for posting about Windows 8.1 update, if I am lucky to solve Optimus issues to start using Windows 10. :P

Adobe Flash Player has been updated to, while Adobe Air has been updated to
And it is still focus on fixing vulnerabilities, like always. :)

---Office 2013
Fixing Vulnerabilities

Fixed log-in issues if Windows has been log-in with a Microsoft account

Fixed Access Database (.accdb) save type is unavailable

Fixed some bug like crash and real-time data (RTD) function may stops refreshing for Excel

Fixed Microsoft Query in Excel crashed for 64-bit build

Fixed Skype for Business, the hyperlinks contains underscores will not converted into blue hyperlinks

Update English proofing tools

Fixed Office stand-alone apps can't be change/uninstall/repair

Improved a lot of bug with OneDrive

Fixed memory leak of OneDrive

Improved compatibility for Facebook provider between Office 2010 and 2013
While also prevent Office loading incompatible provider

Fixed Office 365 for Education(students/teacher) can't login into free version of OneNote

Fixed a lot of bug for Outlook

Fixed PowerPoint

  • video timing that created by using export function
  • remove prompt for download while open legacy files
  • remove ability to accidentally change the maximum slide width and height limits
  • allow to drag pic/video when the focus is located on the PowerPoint window

Fixed a lot of bug for Project

Fixed strikethrough revision line is not working well for Word, and HTML table not display correctly for Outlook

Updated Skype for Business to 15.0.4727.1001, with also a lot of bug fix and also known bug...


Vulnerabilities fix

Supported HSTS feature(it may leak private data when you are using in Browser private mode)

WindowSetHeight and WindowSetWidth events are not fired

Fixed Enterprise Mode and Enterprise Site Discovery features not working

Improved HTML table content renders performance

Allowed to turn off IE metro mode and also ability to disable extension by using command line -extoff

Fixed website that using tablet layouts are slowly or easy to crash/no responding

Added a few more Group Policy settings for Enterprise Site Discovery feature

Fixed vulnerabilities in kernel-mode drivers

Fixed using F12 tools in IE11 on special website will allow remote code execution

Fixed vulnerability for Juniper VPN

That's all of them, it may has some more optional update for preparing upgrade to Windows 10 after a few days.
And MS are getting close to release the Windows 10 RTM too. :D


Optional Update for Windows finally released, some interesting fix has been done. ;)

Fixing having a faulty hardware will causing BSoD 0x133

Missing Items in the navigation pane of File Explorer
QuoteAssume that many batched file operations occur on items that are visible in the navigation pane of File Explorer. When this issue occurs, those items do not appear in the navigation pane.

Note The issue does not occur immediately when you log on to the computer. It occurs during the regular usage.

Can't open Metro apps after some patch installed

Improved BT driver diagnosis, again

Metro apps that using PDF APIs will not showing Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) characters correctly
QuoteThis issue occurs because the character glyph has a Unicode representation that is greater than 65,535. Therefore, it requires two UTF-16 strings or one UTF-32 string to represent the glyph correctly.

Support newer Samsung TV Model for wireless display
QuoteVarious Samsung TV models, planned for release in 2015, are preconfigured to support Miracast as both a wireless display device and a source of display content. To support this, its display type is set as a "dual-role" device. However, Windows 8.1 does not recognize the "dual-role" setting and fails to discover the device as a Miracast wireless display device.
PS:This issue is currently under investigation, and has a workaround on the page

Improve general reliability of Windows 8.1 under conditions of typical use(A.K.A. too long for release note ::))

Turning off Location feature still don't turning off this feature

Update KMS for support later Windows (10)

Can't drag the scrolling bar correctly when the scroll range is large

Swiss currency symbol update

BSoD "0x0000001E" or "0x00000133" for USB-based Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) device
QuoteThis update provides an updated Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) miniport driver in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers folder. After you install this update, you have to update the RNDIS device driver to make the new driver take effect.

APN update for Northern Michigan University (NMU) mobile network

Software/driver compatibility list update

Cypress EZ-USB
Version 2135S
Mouse is recognized on USB 3.0 port.

AMD USB xHCI Controller
Random system crash is eliminated.

Intel Sunrise Point xHCI Controller
Intel Sunrise Point LP xHCI Controller
Intel Cherry View K xHCI Controller
Bluetooth file transfer finishes.

Fixed long login for reading too many registry value
QuoteThe explorer.exe process reads thousands of Windows Push Notification Platform (WPN) and Windows Notification Facility (WNF) values from the following registry subkey during the user logon:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Notifications

Explorer crash after open File History

June 2015 microcode update for Intel processors in Windows
QuoteThe third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, about the performance or reliability of these products.

So I guess Intel has pushed some microcode update for their newer CPU, it should has something difference changed for the scheduler, you may check the Core-Parking first. :)


not much info on what that micro code does or what Intel CPU it supports .
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Quote from: edkiefer on June 16, 2015, 07:36:30 PM
not much info on what that micro code does or what Intel CPU it supports .
Yup, Intel will never talk about that, but I think it might for disabling the TSX of Haswell :P


Quote from: BenYeeHua on June 17, 2015, 09:36:12 AM
Yup, Intel will never talk about that, but I think it might for disabling the TSX of Haswell :P
I did little search yesterday, it will update micro code version shown in HWinfo on a 3570 , I have not updated myself but others show that.
not much as to feature, compatibility etc .
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So I guess it is for fixing bug then, if it is for Ivy. :)


who knows, I hear some with AMD get the update too .
It could update all Intel CPU but we don't know what the code is doing , it maybe updates but then in micro code only some CPU get changes .
I don't know how that software works .

Used to be they only update to fix errors , not sure what this does other than vague description .
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And Adobe Flash Player has released v18.0.0.194, for fixing security issues for windows 7 and below.

You may download and install it manually for Windows 8+ by downloading from here, before waiting it showing up on Windows Update. :)

Jeremy Collake

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I was running the beta or something , anyway update to 192.
I also did the cpu micro-code , better ? , who knows  :P
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Only Intel know. ;)

Anyways, I wonder will Shumway replace Adobe Flash Player, at least start from Ads. ;)


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Jeremy Collake

It would seem nobody could do worse than Adobe, though I feel for any company trying to replicate full Flash compat.
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Jeremy Collake

Which is mostly what Flash is used for these days, aside from games (obviously).

Microsoft's Silverlight was supposed to replace flash. It had some success. Amazon Video uses it, at least optionally.

But, like many Microsoft and large corporate projects, they are too quick to abandon them if they don't achieve instant market success. If I had done the same with the first years of Bitsum, none of this would exist. Persistence - it has it's rewards ;).
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Jeremy Collake

That's what you call Microsoft executives exerting their political persuasion to other executives of big companies. That is what Bitsum faces as well, these larger entities often have high-level corporate agreements made that even senior engineers can't object to.


CTO of company X says: I have the perfect solution for you! It will save you bandwidth, improve video quality, and more!
CTO of company Y says: Wow! That'd be great! Let's sign an agreement right now!

Senior engineer of company Y says: WTF?!? Why didn't you consult me?
CTO of company Y says: This agreement was made above your head. Just get it done.

That said, Silverlight does play video just fine ;).
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Yup, Flash and Silverlight can playing video just fine, as it can using hardware acceleration, so it was just 1-5% CPU for watching video.
(For Flash, except you are using Firefox which is not forcing it, and also Chrome which forcing it but need to take some CPU and I/O to copying around)

With China, they rarely use hardware acceleration for unknown reason, but at least for now, it can be used by right click on the player and select it.

They also famous with real-time overlaying subtitle system, which is came(copy) from NicoNico.
This indeed need a lot of CPU for moving subtitle, and they also don't support HTML5 well because, why you need to change when the current technology are working well. ::)
(Only they provide HTML5 and App when it is iOS, and only App when it is Android. ;D)

And ya, they also using it for Forum Avatar Upload, Notification(Baidu Tieba), Ads and other thing like raining/snowing effect on the website.
I guess this will not changed easily, because it is much harder for them to waste more money to develop on HTML5. :P
Quote from: Jeremy Collake on June 24, 2015, 08:53:15 PM
That's what you call Microsoft executives exerting their political persuasion to other executives of big companies. That is what Bitsum faces as well, these larger entities often have high-level corporate agreements made that even senior engineers can't object to.


CTO of company X says: I have the perfect solution for you! It will save you bandwidth, improve video quality, and more!
CTO of company Y says: Wow! That'd be great! Let's sign an agreement right now!

Senior engineer of company Y says: WTF?!? Why didn't you consult me?
CTO of company Y says: This agreement was made above your head. Just get it done.

That said, Silverlight does play video just fine ;).
So I guess because HTML5 are open source, then no one can force them to do that. ;D


Poor Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.40620.0 has been released, and no changelog so far.
You can download it by clicking it on "DOWNLOAD NOW" on this webpage. :)

PS:Be aware that it is a/contain adwares, so remember to untick them before you continue the installation. :P


Quote from: BenYeeHua on July 02, 2015, 01:56:32 PM
Poor Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.40620.0 has been released, and no changelog so far.
You can download it by clicking it on "DOWNLOAD NOW" on this webpage. :)

PS:Be aware that it is a/contain adwares, so remember to untick them before you continue the installation. :P
poor Silverlight is right .

I think I installed it once to watch a movie, then did clean-up and uninstalled , never had to reinstall yet .
So few things need this .
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Except some Microsoft website need it, but just optional. :P


Adobe Flash Player and also Adobe Air has been released, it is to fixing the bug that used for hacking the Hacking Team

So far no patch can be download from Microsoft for patching the Adobe Flash Player for Windows 8/8.1... :P

Microsoft also released 2 Optional patch.

For updating/performs diagnostics to checking for compatibility that may facing, after upgraded to Windows 10.

Updated Windows Update Client, for new feature
QuoteThis update allows a future version of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to deliver System Hardware Updates and System Firmware Updates to corporate devices through WSUS networks.

That's all. :)


Just getting a bit sick, sorry for the delay, anyways, here is one Windows patch to update the "Get Windows 10". :)
And keep an eyes on Adobe Flash Player update, or start using EMET or any other anti-virus that scan and defend about the vulnerabilities after it is known and being exploit while you are browsing. ;)


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